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Powerful installation kit production tool Advanced Installer Architect 16 Sinicization version

Advanced Installer Architect is a simple and easy to use Windows software installer production tool, can be used to make MSI, EXE and other software installation package, users only need to add files, modify the name, add button is OK.

- fully installed, registered, and unloaded functions that make up your application's files, components, and resources.
Fully customizable MSI installation package with functions of adding, deleting files and folders;
- add or remove internal or external files or URL shortcuts;
- add or remove registry keys or items;
- add or remove environment variables;
- file properties can be set up during installation: read-only, hidden, etc.
- mandatory installation and system restart.
- support the use of 64 bit CPU in the system installation package production;
- a complete log of the installation process under the Windows system.

How to eat:

1. Install the main program.

2, use harmonious patches and harmony.

3. Decompress the Chinese patch and place it in the installation directory to replace 3 identical files.

Download address:

Main program: Https://

Harmony patch: Https://

Chinese patch:

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