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Wondershare Filmora Wanxing God cut hands meow shadow factory 8.x/9.x template, special effects collection 190531 update

Wondershare Filmora It is a very good video clip software developed by Shenzhen Wanxing company (Wondershare). Wanxing has provided many templates and special effects for Filmora, but many of these template effects are expensive and expensive. Today, bloggers bring you the template set of Filmora, including multiple templates and special effects collections. According to official pricing, these templates and special effects are worth up to more than 3000 yuan.

 Wan Xingshen scissors

Wan Xingshen scissors


8.x usage:

This template and special effects came from Wanxing's activity account in the past few days. The blogger downloaded all the domestic template special effects material. After finishing it, the total amount of 9.32G was 9.

1, use Baidu SkyDrive to download all the compressed packages.

2, use WinRAR Unzip any compressed package (unzip once), automatically associate and decompress the remaining volumes to get all 9.32G files.

3, access path "C:\ProgramData\Wondershare Video Editor", you can see Resources folder in this directory (note that ProgramData is a hidden folder).

4, if you do not make any mistakes in the decompression process, you can get a folder called "Resources" and put it directly in the directory of step 3.

9.x usage

This template and special effects come from the account sponsored by netizens, downloading all the material packages before May 31, 2019.

A total of 68 sets of materials, after decompression occupy 12.9G space

Divide by 1G, add 5% recovery records per volume, and compress total 13.5G.

Recommended matching version: Blue Leaf Sinicization Edition Or meow shadow factory official version

1. Download and install Blue Leaf Sinicization Edition Or meow shadow factory official version

2, download the template effect of 9.x and decompress it.

3, run the shears, look at the template specific path in preferences, the default should be C:\Users\ your user name \Documents\Wondershare Filmora 9\Installed Effects

4. Copy and paste the template after decompression to this path.

Download address:

Main program:

8.x: Https://

9.x: Https://

Template effect:

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Common problem:

1, decompress, report wrong, XXX volume (file) damage.

Answer: using the test function of WinRAR, check which part of the error is broken, delete it, and download the damaged volume again.

2. When 8.x copies Resources to the path of step 3, it indicates that the available space is insufficient.

Answer: C disk is not enough, please copy files at least 10G available space.

3. When 8.x first opens the shears, the animated elements menu will load for a long time.

A: the blogger was also very thriller for the first time. He had not finished loading for 5 minutes. He thought he had made a problem and redone it for two times, only to discover that there were nearly 2000 items in it. So the first time he opened it would be very slow. You could open it before going to bed and let it load.

4. Can it be used in Wanxing, a domestic version?

Answer: General


All resources of this blog are not specified. Harmonious The version does not need to pay, I do not engage in software members, nor accept the designated harmonious business.


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