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Before applying for a link, please see:

  • 1 Declined the first time to blog to apply for links Before I make a link, I hope to communicate, first friendship and then link;
  • 2、 Your site does not violate the laws and regulations of the people's Republic of China, and does not violate social morality;
  • 3、 Before you apply for this blog link, please do this blog link first, otherwise it will not pass, thank you;
  • 4、 Your site is included in Baidu and Google, and the content is often updated;
  • 5、 The Expo will regularly check invalid links, please change the domain name of friends in a timely message description;
  • 6、 Those who delete the links of this blog without notice will never be friends again;
  • 7 Yeah~ , first come, first served;
  • 8、 Link information of this blog:
  • "Blog name" Mu Ruoxi's blog
  • "Blog address"
  • "Blog introduction" I have a good software, would like to share with you


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  1. 88th floor

    Send a Youlian, which has been added to Youlian. Host evaluation:

    Three hours ago   comment
  2. 87th floor
    Yunyang Taoge   

    Dear stationmaster, Hello! Your site link has been added in Yunyang Taoge blog home page for more than two weeks, sincerely hope to do a link exchange with your station, looking forward to your audit and add, thank you very much!!!
    Blog name: Yunyang Taoge
    Blog address:
    Blog Description: being is reasonable, everything is possible.

    11:58 am, June 29, 2020   comment
    • I'm really sorry that I don't accept links from non original websites. Please forgive me.

      3:33 PM, July 3, 2020   comment
  3. 86th floor
    Let me be happy   

    Name: let me be happy×192-192×192.png
    Explanation: a confused dead salted fish.
    Your site global has been added

    May 11, 2020 6:49 am   comment
  4. 85th floor
    Flower room   

    Stationmaster, change chain? Your station has been added
    "Blog name" Huajian Society
    "Blog address"
    Introduction to various blogs

    8:24 PM, April 10, 2020   comment
  5. Come to request friend chain again, website changes version, accord with you? Back link

    December 31, 2020   comment
  6. 83rd floor

    Hello, webmaster, this product is app player software. If you want to advertise on your website, you can add me QQ details: 2953055630. If it is inconvenient, you can provide me with other contact information

    5:53 PM, December 9, 2019   comment
    • Sorry, we don't accept advertisement for this kind of product

      10:38 PM, December 9, 2019   comment
  7. 82nd floor

    Hello! We do genuine software, want to cooperate with your blog to promote genuine software, would you like to know about it

    9:22 am, December 5, 2019   comment
  8. 81st floor
    Huazai tribe   

    Can you add a link? I have done a good job in Huazai tribe

    6:27 PM, December 4, 2019   comment


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