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.Net zero base reverse tutorial -- the ninth lesson (WPF)

Recently, I was writing my graduation thesis, which led to ninth classes of pigeons for several days. Today, I saw my tutor saying that my first draft was a little bit like that, and then changed seventeen or eight times.

Originally prepared to continue pigeon, it turned out that the eighth lesson has been released for 12 days now, so.

I appeared, surprised and surprised.

The content of this lesson is very simple. I have already talked about similar content in class fourth and fifth, that is to change the text on the interface of a software.

As shown above, it took three minutes to write software. In order to avoid your dislike I advertised, I matched the base map very small. If you can finish this lesson today, I think you should be able to extract the two-dimensional code in order to scan it. Of course, my knowledge planet is paid.

The goal of this lesson is to change the title of software and "by: Mu Xi Xi", basic operations, and don't be afraid.

Check shell, no shell, drag into dnspy, run directly.

Make a mistake

Literally, find dnSpy.exe in the directory of dnspy and run it after opening.

If you debug a software error, use 32 bit dnSpy to debug, then use dnSpy-x86.exe.

In the seventh lesson, we have said that when there is no error or something like this, it can help locate the location, and then suspend the stack after opening the window, and then find the key points in the corresponding window code.

Double click to follow up Main. As shown above, three lines of code in Main do three things.

Initialize a App object, initialize the components in app, and run app.

Click on the 26 line of InitializeComponent () to see how it initializes the component.

A layout from the MainWindow.xaml file is loaded.

We can find this file from the resources. It is worth mentioning that you found mainwindow.baml instead of MainWindow.xaml, because the XAML file was compiled into Baml when writing the program, and dnSpy will not actively decompile Baml by default.

Then we can find the string that we need to modify in this file. The title is called "EP09 a simple WPF program". Let's edit the right button to see:

Meow meow? There are no commonly used editing methods.

I wrote this lesson deliberately because I saw someone asking similar questions at the forum.

Original address: Https://

My answer is on the 7 floor, using the 16 digit substitution method.

Take the documents in this lesson as an example:

Right click, open the 16 binary editor, Ctrl+F search the contents to be changed: EP09 a simple WPF program.

The data type is String (Utf-8).

What I suggest is that you'd better look at the arrows next to the search box to see if there are a few of the results.

Editing the search results may be a bit troublesome, and a little careless can cause problems, so I use the shortcut key Ctrl+H to replace it.

The second and last two buttons in the picture are replaced, and one is replaced.

Save the module after replacement.

Running can see the result. In the same way, you can replace the word "by": "mousse".

Of course, this is just a way of doing it.

Next I'll talk about other ways.

As shown, we can decompile the Baml file into XAML file and modify it.

It should be noted that after changing the XAML file, it is impossible to perform the use. You need to create a WPF project yourself, compile XAML into Baml and put it back. (it seems to be very round. I don't know what good ways the big guys have. No, I'm vegetable chicken.)

Of course, you can export the Baml file directly, and edit it with any binary editing software.

Finally, there is a simple way to edit it directly in VS, according to our fifth lesson.

Courseware download: Https:// Gfppnkclxt0i.html


Software can not download / install / other computer problems, plus Penguin Group: 709531763

There is a problem in the direct group. When you are online, you need to answer questions.


If you want to learn computer knowledge, you can pay attention to my public number.

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  1. 4 floor

    How can I put the Baml back to XAML after the big guy decompile it?

    5:37 a.m. on October 19, 2019   comment
    • Recompile to Baml and add resources to it.

      8:34 p.m. on October 21, 2019   comment
  2. floor
    Xiao Wu   

    Surprise P! Unexpected hair!

    10:57 a.m. on April 30, 2019   comment
  3. Bench
    Flying snow   

    Now learn, I changed a software before the Baml was decomposed into XAML, but do not know how to put back, and ultimately did not get it done. EMM.

    3:50 p.m. on April 29, 2019   comment
  4. Sofa
    Ya Xuan   

    Anyway, deliver the tea to the stationmaster first.

    2:59 p.m. on April 29, 2019   comment



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