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. net zero basics reverse course lesson 5 (plagiarism)

After the content of lesson 4 was released, we found that we had a special concern, that is, "modifying the software interface"
Everyone, this is to take my software as a victim! OK, I'll add another lesson like this!
I estimate that after finishing this course, your sense of achievement will increase greatly!
Reverse in Lesson 1 + tamper in lesson 4 + revise title in lesson 5...
It seems that you are going to be the king of plagiarism...

That's all nonsense. Let's start today's class! Just 3 steps!
We Or use my software to make mice~

What is the first step in formal reverse? Check the shell! I skip shell checking and shelling here, and load dnspy directly

Click File > export to project

It is used to select a project folder, as shown in the figure above. Of course, I don't recommend that you export it to a folder containing Chinese path, including in programming, reverse, and our daily software installation. I think Chinese path is an undesirable operation. Why? Because win is written by foreigners and the software is written by foreigners. The compatibility with Chinese may not be as good as you think.

After exporting the project file, we can use VS to modify the software

Now you can modify this project freely in vs. you can do any operation, such as adding new buttons, changing the operation logic, modifying the window size and so on, which can be solved by programming.

Of course, this operation requires that you have vs installed on your computer, and vs is a "bloated" development tool, so if you don't want to install it, you can also manually modify the code in dnspy. This will test your foundation of. Net. How many files do you need to change to add a button?

Is it really cool? congratulations!!
What else can this method change? Experiment by yourself~

Custom homework content, willing to hand in homework friends can send.
The courseware is from lesson 4. Please go back and download it.

Software unable to download / install / other computer problems, plus Penguin Group: 709531763

If you have any questions, you should answer them when you are online. You don't usually read private chats

If you want to learn computer knowledge, you can pay attention to my public number

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Article title: reverse course of. Net zero foundation - Lesson 5 (plagiarism)
Author: Mu Ruoxi
Release date: April 29, 2019 02:11 Monday Mu Ruoxi blog
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