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.Net zero base reverse tutorial -- the fourth lesson (tampering content)

In this episode, we will talk about "tampering with content", that is, modifying information in software.

We take the software I write?? Do the experiment, "search edge enhanced edition".

We have talked about "shell" before, and also said that the first step of formal reverse is to check the shell.

This task is given to you. You can check the shell yourself.

Next we will change the title of the search to do tutorial. Please look at the chart below.

If we load the dnSpy, we will go directly to the key word. The steps ahead are skipped (see the first three lessons).

You will find no results?

Remember what I said in my second lesson?

OK, dnSpy loading program is also in accordance with the first lesson of the steps, search "Name/", more than a slash, because search Name results too much, of course, you can also search for "Name/Code", but I actually do not recommend it, because it may contain our eyes can not separate spaces, which led you to miss the correct search results.

In the fourth lesson, in this case, I was added to two spaces in the title. In fact, we should search for by[space]: [space]muruoxi, and the colon here is half angle colon (input in English). I think through this practice, you should understand why I do not recommend beginners to import too many keywords.

Did this increase the difficulty again? Learning will not always be so simple. You can do it!

Double click the search results, go to the code, right-click to modify, let it become the text you want.

Don't forget to save your modified program.

Run it to see.

Congratulations, you've learned something new.

Today's homework is not very difficult. Take this tool and change it freely. Then I'll show you the picture above.

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