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Vanishing (1) -- contribution from netizen Shenshang Lingyun

This article is contributed by netizen: Shenshang Lingyun (qq466115941)

Chapter I

Yu Bin is a bastard, although his name is both literate and martial arts, but in fact his brain is poor in ink. In the street and people had a quarrel, see red, live in the hospital. It happened that the vice president of the city's first people's hospital where he lived was regarded as his distant cousin from which generation. As soon as the family sum up, it's not a way to let him muddle along like this, so he entrusted his uncle to arrange a post of security office, which is actually a gatekeeper.

In recent years, there are too many human resources. The hospital security office is basically veterans. As a hunk, Yu Bin is just like a cat rolling around in the same department of internal medicine. Although he looks down upon a gangster in his heart, he can't make the relationship too rigid. He often hears Xu bin boasting that his head injury is fighting with dozens of people Hurt, although sniff, but still have to nod "mm-hmm-ah" - no way, who let himself not have a vice president when uncle.

On that day, his vice president's uncle called him to meet him at the hotel. Before it was time to leave work, Yu Bin said hello to Lao Li, and then drove to the destination on the 11th. Looking at his back, Lao Li shook his head helplessly. After he came, he didn't take any rules and regulations into consideration. Even Lao Li doubted whether the son of a bitch's middle school employment was bought on the overpass, or why the security room posted the system of changing posts from work to work, which he never paid attention to?

Let's not talk about Lao Li's thoughts. At the moment, Yu Bin has all kinds of ideas in his mind. As a vice president, there are walkers in the hospital, but he doesn't expect the so-called "cousin" to pick him up after work. After contacting him several times, Yu Bin can see that the goods are not good people. A security guard with a monthly salary of 1.5k asked for a "service fee" of 10K. This account was totally wasted in Yu Bin. 10K was enough for him for a long time. What can't he do with money these days? As for being a security guard.

When he arrived at the appointed place, he reported the name of his cousin Liu maocai. He was soon led to a private room by the waiter. Just after he took his seat, Liu maocai arrived. He quickly raised his hot buttocks to meet him. After the two sides were seated, Liu Mao asked the waiter to serve the chicken, rabbit, wangba soup and several dishes that could not be named. Yu Bin's education level is not high, but he is absolutely not stupid in his conduct. Judging from his posture, he knows that there is an important thing to command. He does not dare to move his chopsticks. He turns slightly and leans forward, and looks like he follows the guidance.

Sure enough, President Liu opened his mouth with a big stomach: "I said Xiao Yu, you have been working in the hospital for a year." As soon as Yu Bin's eyes turned, he came less than four months ago, and his surname should be clear. It seems that this fat Liu has something to say.

"Soon, I'd like to thank President Liu for his cultivation. I'd like to propose a toast to you." Then he took up his glass and bent over.

"I'll do it first"

"No hurry." Do not wait for Yu Bin to say to do first for respect, Liu maocai stopped.

Liu maocai, who has been in the wine market all the year round, has a beer belly and squints his eyes and looks like a smiling Maitreya. Yu Bin's heart a thump: Liu fat man did not mean to raise a glass, today's fun, it seems to be big.

(to be continued)


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Article title: Vanishing (1) -- contribution from netizen Shenshang Lingyun
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