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Wall player engine dynamic desktop

It seems that I have seen this funny video on station B before, but I haven't found where to download it, so I have to make one myself. There is a little problem in the connection, but, um, it's enough to be funny by hand~

Address of station B:

Download address:

Slide of dynamic desktop: 8vrk Download address
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Article title: Wall player engine dynamic desktop
Author: Mu Ruoxi
Date of publication: January 13, 2017 05:27 Friday Mu Ruoxi blog
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  1. floor
    Jiang Chen   

    It's so amazing. It's the most important part of the world. Ha ha

    13 January 2017 7:37 PM   comment
  2. Bench
    Mu ruochao   

    Do a few more works, one is not enough to see ~ ~ o (~ o ヘ ~ o ා)

    13 January 2017 5:32 PM   comment
    • 1. No idea
      2. Can't do it
      3. I am a civil Wang tossing and turning all day how to do video how to play ghost animal really good

      January 13, 2017 5:41 PM   comment
  3. sofa
    Mu ruochao   

    BiliBili BIU ~ BIU ~ support support~

    13 January 2017 5:23 PM   comment



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