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Screen video master 5.30

Need to record computer operations? Need to rip video? Need to record demo courseware? Need to video the game? Let's try our screen video master. Master screen video is a professional video production software. With it, you can easily remember every operation on the computer screen

Free ppt plug-in: ivyhtools v4.3.2006.1801

Lvyhtools is a third-party Microsoft PowerPoint plug-in. The plug-in includes PPT to word, font collection, font export, vertex editing, line editing, shape editing, location distribution and other functions. Note: the plug-in can not be used on WPS at present

Chinese version of picture instruments image 2 LUT Pro 1.5.0

Target image (target 2) is produced by the Hollywood image company (target image 2) to automatically load color. Image 2 LUT provides some very useful options. In addition to adjusting the tone strong

Autumbox, free of charge

Autumn box is an open source, easy-to-use, free Android mobile assistant developed by @ zsh2401. It provides a graphical interface of ADB and encapsulates a large number of commonly used ADB scripts. It is a very convenient tool. Activation software refrigerator black room @ web1n black hole air conditioning dog second space freez

Best live broadcast software OBS studio v25.0.8

OBS studio is a live video + recording software, providing users with video, text, image capture and recording functions. OBS studio has a simple interface and powerful functions. It not only has good recording quality, but also takes less resources and is free of charge. Features of xh264 and AAC encoding. OBS St ...

One key security scheme of 20212-071alpha

Socialist core values: national level, prosperity, democracy, civilization, harmonious society level, freedom, equality, justice, rule of law, individual level, patriotism, dedication, honesty and friendliness. If you don't know what this is, please read other articles! Do not forget the original intention, remember the mission, hold high the Chinese special

CR Video Downloader

Cr is an efficient Downloader, which mainly aims at downloading movies and videos in video platform, including but not limited to mainstream websites. There are many websites supported, waiting for your exploration. Applicable audience: Video carriers, film editors, movie collectors, mainly from youtube and more than 100 online video websites (such as v

Perfect clear complete Chinese direct installation enhanced version

Perfect clear complete is an intelligent grinding filter software, which can help users to process the clarity of pictures and achieve the highest quality effect. It has powerful function and correction function, and can process pictures in batches. It can be used independently or as a PS plug-in. Software features

Film color matching filter software alien skin exposure X5 v5.2.3.285 x64

Alien skin exposure X5 is an award-winning film filter simulation software. It supports the transfer of photos, such as movie film, Polaroid film effect and pola pan film effect. It can be used independently or as a plug-in of Photoshop, Lightroom and other software

Pdf super toolkit 2.2.0

Pdf super toolkit is a PDF tool, which provides users with PDF toolkit, including modification, conversion and operation of PDF files. PDF super toolkit supports merging and splitting PDF files, which is convenient, practical and easy to operate. Software features: add or delete bookmarks, move bookmarks to new location, for existing

AI intelligent audio track separation artifact spleeter GUI v2.5

Deezer, a French music streaming media company, has developed a track separation software spleeter, which can separate the voice of music from the sound of various musical instruments by inputting a command. It supports MP3, WAV, Ogg and other common audio formats. This software is based on tensorflow development, the effect is outstanding, some netizens said since

Professional audio editing software magic Sound Forge Pro suite

A professional audio editing software, the software provides the highest level of professional audio processing and sound design, from video track to the final surround sound mixing editing, as well as numerous sound processors and utility tools, which can provide users with professional audio editing services. New version of magic sound forge

Artificial intelligence lossless scaling image Topaz gigapixel AI v5.0.2

Topaz gigapixel AI is a very efficient PC side image size adjustment tool. With powerful functions, topaz gigapixel AI is built based on AI intelligent algorithm and unique art intelligence engine, which can help users easily adjust image size up to 6 times in batch. Moreover, topaz gigapixel AI Software

Shura BBS source code + plug-in + theme xuno BBS 4.0.4

Xuno BBS 4.0 was born in 2016. It is a domestic, compact and smart web product, which is based on the current popular technology, has the cutting-edge product concept, is mainly developed by PHP, and follows the strict naming and coding standards. It is not only a forum, but also a good secondary development platform

Batch word to PDF converter

Word's PDF format can be converted into a PDF file in one time. Because the software abandons the traditional method of generating PDF by virtual printing, it adopts the technology of directly analyzing word files and converting them to PDF