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Notice of preferential activities for college entrance examination candidates in 2020

Dear Lei fans: the 2020 college entrance examination, after a month's delay, has finally come. 10.71 million students entered the examination room to be tested. After three years of hard study, students must want to give themselves some rewards. What kind of reward? Raytheon notebook, of course. 2020 college entrance examination candidates purchase machine, thunder powder

Eight thousand ppts packed. Take them away

Ha ha ha ha, long time no see.

I think of the tragedy of PPT for various occasions in recent years

I can't bear to say

Of course, there are many enthusiastic public accounts that teach you how to do PPT.

(I'm too lazy to find a QR code for you. Search it yourself.)

For example, @ no work

As mentioned in the lottery, please confirm the prize

That's right. I'm the one who counts the words. 1、 ESET nod 32, activation code 3 years / user image from Ivey software mall, which is also the anti-virus software I am currently using. It has been used for more than five years. Although the ability of checking and killing is generally criticized by many people, there is no missing killing phenomenon in the home computer. Individuals

Notes on data loss

I'm sorry to inform you that because the data was not backed up in time and the server was attacked continuously, all the data after January 7 were lost. The specific loss is unknown. Please contact me if you have exchanged friends with me. Due to the possibility of losing contact at any time, please pay attention to the group and pay attention to

Evaluation of best material management software Eagle

Yesterday, I was planning to buy an eagle with my netizens. Today, I suddenly found that eagle was engaged in activities. I could get a free serial number by sharing my experience. The Buddhist year blogger was very excited. Eagle is one of the best material management software I've used over the years. It manages my more than 160 gigabytes of

Eagle 1.10.0

Eagle can easily manage a large number of picture materials to meet the needs of "collecting, sorting, searching" materials. It supports windows and MAC systems. Eagle can meet your needs in material management, whether it's tens of thousands of inspiration pictures or hundreds of categories, you can use the

Genuine Haier kkc kq620 electric toothbrush original price 199, half price processing

Answer a few questions: the store is my old boss, the goods are genuine. There are more direct purchases from Haier, and there is a backlog of computers. The working capital is insufficient. Now we are dealing with the loss. The purchase price is higher than the selling price. The personality guarantee is that the sale price is cheaper because of the urgent need for capital turnover. It seems that no one can see the auction (no evaluation)

I have reached the cooperation intention with Huben and other examinations. Those who want to make money should hurry up!

Good news: now we have reached a cooperation with Huben and other examinations. In the low price sales of Huben and other test database software, friends who intend to cooperate have a private chat. I have been cooperating with all kinds of walls and public accounts in Colleges and universities for a long time, with good reputation and official agent identity of all kinds of software. Huben education was founded in July 26, 2009

[bar service handling] does the member g5125872 use the trumpet for illegal activities

#If you have taken a long time to find out the details of the virus, please don't let me know the details of the virus

Please tell your parents, relatives and friends about a recent wechat scam

When you receive a wrong wechat, he will send you a wrong feedback. A lot of people just turn around. After all, we are good people. The point is, wechat new function, you can choose the time of transfer to the account, so when you receive the transfer from the swindler

Miss this time, regret for a lifetime!

Guess what I want? Guess not! If you can't guess, please click in! Miss this time, regret for a lifetime! Miss this time, regret for a lifetime! Miss this time, regret for a lifetime! Say something important three times in a row! Turn page software mall to introduce and promote genuine software

[Second Wave] speed up of campus network

Introduction: limited time of 3 days, limited 400 pieces of the whole network, sold out in advance. Limited by the purchase price, the whole network promotion or final Carnival of cfosspeed launched by only costs 28.72 yuan. The lifelong upgrade version helps speed up the campus network

Ten years of agreement, and the monarchs to encourage

I have been engaged in this project for about ten years, and I have been invited to participate in this project for about ten years. About more

Ex 3: goodbye, ex Movie + theme song download

"Predecessor 3: goodbye to my predecessor" is the third film work in the "predecessor" series, starring Han Geng, Zheng Kai, Yu Wenwen, Zeng Mengxue, Luo MI and Han Wenliang. This film tells the story of Meng Yun and Lin Jia's five years of love. It seems that they have entered a period of tiredness, because they want to break up because of a small matter. Yu Fei and Ding Dian are two people's common good

Well known software adsafe hides malicious code to hijack traffic from many websites

1、 Overview a few days ago, the firefly security team found that many well-known software, such as "adsafe net master", "clean net guard", "advertising filter master", etc., concealed malicious code and secretly hijacked user traffic. These software from the same company, similar functions, mainly to block web advertising. According to technical analysis, three software