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Word to register PDF conversion algorithm

I wish you all the best in the exam.
Mr. Jiang wanted to convert a lot of words into PDF, so he took a look at the software.
Die shell check, shell free, software developed by. Net, so choose dnspy as the reverse tool.

Using oil monkey script to transfer watermark to the image

Hi, long time no see. Originally, I didn't plan to release the course in June. But for the sake of giving me presents, I'd like to meet your little wish. Picpinhui is a leading free design material template network in China's thousands of charts. It provides free materials / templates / pictures to download, including business cards / picture albums / ppt / manuscripts

What are the pitfalls of offline computers?

As a computer shop assistant, the most important task is to persuade customers to go on a routine, so that customers who originally want to buy cost-effective products can buy back the chives and pay full IQ tax. For Xiaobai, whether online or offline purchasing channels, there are unavoidable choice problems, and these problems

Where are the resources of those resource giants coming from?

You've been pigeoning for a week.

I went to see the backstage,

The last tutorial was posted to you on June 6.

There was a panic in my heart.

I'm really sorry for the trust I've had for a long time.

But then again,

You have the ability to send blades through the Internet?

Study on concuserex shelling

Confuserex is an open source obfuscator that can be used to protect our programs developed with. Net from being modified by third parties.

Today in my love cracking forum, I saw that the confuserex shelling tool nofuserex has been updated to version 1.1. So download and test it.
Shell the program first

Manual analysis and download of dither audio watermark free video (simple version)

There is a classmate in the next group, consulting how to remove the chattering sound of downloaded video ads.
I told him, direct Baidu search: shaking sound no watermark download.
And then he said, it's really powerful.
So I'm going to reveal how to download a watermarked version of the video from tremolo.

Red envelope collection strategy on May 31

I thought it was a very simple topic. After all, on May 30, I wrote an article to teach you how to get the red envelope.

But when I found that until the third day, there were still people discussing how to get the red envelope

On two dimensional code

Good evening, students. I haven't written the course for several days. I don't know if you miss me. I heard from my friends that authors who don't like to send red envelopes are not good writers, so I'm going to send more red envelopes to you in the future. In order to raise the threshold, I decided to hide the red envelope in previous articles, such as today

Why can digital signature be tamper proof?

Digital signature, also known as public key digital signature, is a mathematical mechanism that allows people to prove ownership. It is similar to ordinary physical signature written on paper, but it uses public key encryption technology to identify the accuracy of digital information. In general, a set of digital signature will have two complementary operations

Graduation is unemployment? You can use it

Good evening, students. It's another graduation season. Although affected by the epidemic situation, the joy of graduation has been watered down, but the days still have to go, and the work of signing has to be done. Last night, I helped a mushroom cool to change the typesetting of her paper. This is not the first time I have helped someone revise her paper. I guess it will not be the last

Too strong, this low-key man actually updated

Good evening, students. Do you know how to make this shape in PPT? Step up. How about doing this? How to divide it into nine squares? When you are still shouting, this must be PS, let this low-key man tell you: PPT, yes. Lvyhtools

Talk about Baidu online disk in 2020

Recently, we all know that Baidu's network disk has finished its peers, backhand comes back to clean up its own position, has done down PD, forced to stop the speed plate, which is simply an emotional drama. So back to talk about a topic, why Baidu network disk must charge? The big data of Aurora in 2019 is given

Fill in the form from scratch and swipe tickets

Good evening, students. I studied several online application forms with you before, and then there was a question. What should we do when we need to fill in a lot of data to complete the tasks assigned by the leaders? Let's take the questionnaire star as an example. The address of this form is: HT

How to create an online registration form?

In daily work, we often need to initiate activities such as registration, questionnaire survey, etc. We hope that this process can be built on the web page, so that more than one person can fill in at the same time, which will simplify our work. However, the various online questionnaire tools, some free, some charging, some limited functions, from the

I fell to the second level, only to find that plants vs. Zombies is so difficult

As a classic game with high intelligence quotient, this "plant vs. zombie" developed by baokai has once fascinated countless players. The image of the classic and the zombie is indelible. Yesterday in B station watch live, the anchor played a magic version of "Plants vs. Zombies