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The final version of "the devil's child descended from the world" is finally released.

The spirit of heaven and earth nurtured a huge energy mixed bead. Yuan Tianzhu distilled mixed yuan beads into beads and magic pills. Pearl beads were reincarnated as human beings, and they could be used to help Zhou Chou Zhou. The God of heaven started the curse of heaven. After 3 years, the thunder will come down and destroy the magic pill. Tai Yi was ordered to...

The complete works of the name of the people were leaked: 55 episodes of online crazy transmission

I didn't see this movie. Just watching the online reviews is very good. Visual observation is divine drama. Unfortunately, it is so spoiled. The 13 night got sample resources, and then tried to share resources with Baidu cloud when it could not be shared. It seems that Baidu has taken the necessary measures. Several websites have shown that they dare not send out resources. Well, I dare not share them honestly.

Wallpaper Engine dynamic desktop

It seems that I had seen this funny video on B station, but I never found where I could download it. I had to do it myself, but there was a slight problem in connection. But, uh, enough ghost animal ~ manual comic ~B station address: Http:// Download address:...

War world singing: three no Marblue

I haven't been to B station for a long time. In March, goddess of the moon has produced several new remake works. Since last year, she has been following the works of three non sisters, pure voice, unpretentious, recommended to everyone. Well, learn first, and then sing this song next time you go to KTV (manual comic). The lyrics are as follows: original singing: Chen Zitong...

Vanish (1) - netizens, gods, Lingyun, contributing

This article is written by netizens: QQ466115941, the first chapter of Yu Bin. Although the name is full of both literary and martial arts, there is actually little ink in the brain. In the street, I had some quarrel with people, and I saw red and stayed in the hospital. It happened that the vice president of the first people's Hospital of the city he lived in did not know.

[practice] extreme soil

Today, at B station, all of them are "extremely thick earth". The material character is "Sakura Miku", and the background effect is "extreme soil". The dance moves are "butterfly steps + flower leading steps". The lyrics of the "polar soil" include:

The seventh day shows x2

To all the singles in the world.

[transfer] from the Norway case involving the golden age of programmers

The four executives did not plead guilty. The prosecutor asked Wang Xin that since he knew that Nora could play dirty videos and why he did not transform, Wang Xin said, "I do not think it is shameful to do technology." what is shameful? If Zhang Chuchang is pressed, "lonely people are shameful". The second generation of programmers...