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The new generation has no advertisement to catch up with books APP read MyBookshelf v2.19.112914

Reading (MyBookshelf) is a tool to provide Internet literature search, providing a convenient, fast and comfortable trial reading experience for the majority of Internet literature lovers. When you search for a book, the book will be submitted to the third party network literature website in the form of keywords. The third party networks.

Omni scanning Wang v4.4.2

Function Description: sending the scanning office at any time and anywhere is very necessary. When you go out, you can also send the scanned parts to the customers, and you can automatically sharpen and brighten the different devices. The picture changes to PDF. When the image scanning generates PDF, it automatically sharpens and brightens. It is very practical, and there are many ways of exporting, and it can also backup the cloud.

Good sound quality, using my cool music v9.2.1.4

In 2018, cool music, brand new version, massive lossless music, free download, strongly recommended download experience. Cool music 2018 is a professional online music player software specially designed for Andriod platform. One click search massive volume library, carefully create the authority list; automatically pull accurate.

Fingertip v2.7.1 10 seconds to make net red little video

Shooting short videos is the thing that people like to do on a monthly basis. They upload their short videos to their videos, social platforms and friends circle to watch their friends. Since mobile phones become everyone's necessary standard, it's very common for everyone to take out a cell phone to shoot a video.

WPS Office v11.6.3

An Zhuoduan office software, personal edition free users: 600000000 of the world's top users: Global APP list of similar products, the first small volume: install only one application to open all forms of document cloud office: free cloud space, safe and efficient, and can be viewed and edited on any device in a timely manner.

Today's film TV version 2.0.8

Today's video TV version provides massive HD video, which is updated quickly and smoothly everyday. It is an application that can enjoy a large screen audio-visual feast at home, and spend time with friends and family. The first choice for movie and TV lovers is for old people and children. Today's film and television TV version has the latest film and TV.

Short video production artifact -- shadow 7.11.5

VivaVideo: short video production of App, the world's most popular short video application, and video detonating the secret artifact of social networking. More exclusive video beauty, animation stickers, multiple subtitles add, dubbing / music, cool cool effects... Software features: professional: a few simple steps, so that works of second change.

Grape video v2.5.2 to advertising version

VIP video is a video broadcast application. Mommy no longer need to worry. I don't have drama, movies and anime. There are plenty of resources for vineyards. If you can't find friends watching movies, you can try grapevine movies. You can easily watch all kinds of popular movies and TV dramas.

Tranquility, body and mind, sleep, decompression, Now meditation v3.0

Now meditation is a meditation application developed by Xi'an Europe Information Technology Co., Ltd. to relax, calm mind and improve insomnia. The software is based on the advanced meditation theory abroad. It aims to provide users with a platform to relax and relieve stress. It helps you to relieve fatigue and improve your physical and mental health.

There are cloud notes v6.7.2

There is a cloud note, the original road notes, is an official official note of the introduction of a knowledge management software, it can help users easily manage computers, smart phones, iPad and other equipment notes, you can record work, learning, life things, so that your work is in good order, support text,...

Video clips maker Intro Maker v2.1.6

Intro Maker is a special video nose production software in foreign countries, which provides a large number of special effects of different styles. You only need to tap the phone several times to complete the blockbuster effect that can be produced on the computer. What are you waiting for? Try it now! Download address: mouse modification.

Camera360 camera 360 v9.5.8

Camera360 is a powerful mobile phone photography software, but many people will go to Qihoo's 360 security guard to find this software because of this 360. Unfortunately, I tell you, you can't find it. Camera360 is a powerful platform based on mobile three platforms, designed by Chengdu Fruit Technology Co., Ltd.

Goo comics v1.5.8 mouse modifications to advertising version (streamlined, to update)

Coco comics is a very resource rich animation application software. Nowadays, popular animation, comics, cos maps and so on are included here. Although this is lightweight and compact, it is very complete in the collection of resources. Tens of thousands of popular comics are available for you to choose from, focusing on ACG content, and turning it into 00 for later 90's.

Meow shadow factory (original Wanxing God cut hand) v2.5.0.2

The new membership system will enjoy more privileges for members of Wanxin shears. An account can easily enjoy the mobile end desktop and enjoy more member privileges. The world's top 50000000 users praised the video editing artifact! Support HD shooting, quick import, direct editing video clips, segmentation, merging, and so on.

Cool dog music is song! Cool dog music v9.2.0

Cool dog music core function 1. new interface, create your home page home entrance to provide icon customization, what function should be decided by you; recommend content according to your preferences, recommend songs more suitable for your taste 2. music library experience a lot of refreshing new library, new song express, authoritative list, selected...