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WPS Office v11.6.3

Android office software, personal version of free use
Many users: 600000000 users worldwide
Ranking high: top of similar products in global app list
Small size: only one application can open all format documents
Cloud office: free cloud space, safe and efficient, can be viewed and edited on any device in time
WPS text
-Create new text documents and provide templates such as stationery, resume and contract
-Open documents in 26 formats, including text encryption
-Smart phone screen reading
-Support intelligent typesetting, text paragraph, object property setting, insert picture and other editing functions
-Voice information will be read aloud to support voice
WPS form
-Create a new spreadsheet, and provide financial, curriculum and other templates
-13 document formats, including encrypted forms
-Formula input editor to solve the difficult problem of input function of mobile phone input method
-The backplane supports to quickly view the calculation results after selecting the area, and select the phone number to dial directly
WPS demo
-Create new slides, and provide business, teaching, thesis defense and other templates
-Open and play 11 presentation formats, including encrypted documents
-New CPU, provides 30 smooth animation settings
-Support text paragraph, object property settings, insert pictures, audio and video editing functions
-Share play, support multiple devices to play the current slide synchronously
-Open and play PDF documents
-Take photos, scan documents and generate pictures or PDF files
-Signature function
-Pdf to doc with one click, WPS office is available for download

Download address:

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Article title: WPS office v11.6.3
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  1. sofa

    WPS is good and powerful

    8:23 am, June 18, 2019   comment



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