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Quick view of Google market v5.0.0

As light as goose feather, as fast as lightning, simple and modern, quick view provides the most ideal photo album for your favorite pictures.

·Material design style, a variety of color themes, transparent design and immersion mode!

·Support online disk services: Baidu cloud, Jinshan fast disk, Picasa, Google cloud hard disk, Dropbox, Flickr, onedrive, box, Amazon, yandex, 500px,

·Discover and load tens of thousands of pictures instantly

·Group photos by time and geography

·View or show your photos at the best quality, faster and better than other apps!

·You can specify to include or exclude only specific folders to scan pictures more efficiently

·You can hide your private photos and videos, and set a protection password

·Support playing GIF animation and video images

·Smooth operation experience: slide to switch pictures, double fingers knead, double-click drag and zoom, double finger rotation

·The built-in simple image processor can meet your needs of rotating, zooming and cutting pictures. You can also set the best picture quality as wallpaper

·Powerful file management capabilities, you can sort, rename, create new folder, move or copy pictures

·Fast file transfer between multiple devices via WiFi without mobile data traffic

·For large screen, such as tablet devices

·Free and clean. We don't ask for unnecessary permissions

[update content]:

·New system photo album recent photo prompt function (currently only supports some models and systems)
·Newly added camera suspension ball function, after taking photos, you can view the photos quickly through the camera floating ball (at present, only some models and systems are supported)
·Add automatic photo backup function to store photos safely and quickly to cloud space
·Add cloud space photo album function, automatically classify photos by photo album in mobile phone
·Performance optimization and bug fix

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Article title: Google market version of v5.0.0
Author: Mu Ruoxi
Date of publication: 09:24, April 28, 2019 Mu Ruoxi blog
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    What year is this version

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    • It should be newer. I can't even find its official website after being acquired

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