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Cool dog music, is more songs! ——Cool dog music v9.2.0

Core functions of cool dog music

1. Brand new interface, create your home page
The home page entrance provides icon customization, which function is up to you; the recommended content is recommended according to your preference, and songs that are more in line with your taste are recommended
2. The experience of music library is quite different
The new music library, the new song express, the authoritative list, the selected songs list, and the music you are looking for are all in the kugou music library
Viper sound
The industry-leading sound effect core is specialized in creating sound effects such as 3D sound, super bass and so on. It is the first to create 3D rotation, 5.1 panoramic and automobile sound effects of black technology, and open the sound production ecology to let the 100 yuan earphone hear the effect of 1000 yuan.
4. Portable KTV
With the help of high-quality professional music library, you can score a large number of professional accompaniment. K second, you can make a variety of personalized tunes. Live interaction, K room hi sing, but also meet more like-minded song friends.
5. Live performance
Every day, there are more than 30000 high-quality anchors live broadcast 24 hours a day. You can click her to sing and interact with millions of music lovers to create a good voice on the Internet;
6. Personalized skin change
With the theme of any color, you can choose more colors.
7. New music short video
Audio and visual experience! Massive songs, one click shooting, instantly generate your music blockbuster!

Features of this version:

by: Joker

·Remove pirated authentication and start page advertisement;
·Unlock member skin and download it directly;
·Unlock the hifi sound effect, and unlock the right to download free music with lossless sound quality;
·Only standard audio quality can be downloaded after paid music audition;
·Remove useless code + authority, block part of the layout;
·Remove built-in updates, non slope version!!!
·Cool dog does not really splash the version, only a modified version. Paid music is verified online
·For personal use only. Genuine version is supported. Please delete it within 24 hours after downloading. Use means that you are responsible for it and have nothing to do with others

Download address:

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Article title: cool dog music, is more songs! ——Cool dog music v9.2.0
Author: Mu Ruoxi
Date of publication: 09:10, April 28, 2019 Mu Ruoxi blog
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