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Mybookshelf v2.19.112914

Mybookshelf is a tool to provide online literature search, providing a convenient, fast and comfortable trial reading experience for the majority of online literature lovers.

When you search for a book, readers will submit the title of the book in the form of keywords to each third-party network literature website. The content returned by the third-party websites has nothing to do with reading, and reading is not responsible for it, nor does it bear any legal responsibility. Any third-party webpage linked through reading is made or provided by others. You may obtain other services from the third-party webpage. Reading is not responsible for its legality and does not bear any legal liability. Third party search engine results automatically search and provide trial reading according to the title of the book submitted by you. It does not mean that you agree with or agree with the content or position on the third-party Web page to which the search links. You should be at your own risk for the results of using search engines.

Reading does not make any form of guarantee: it does not guarantee that the search results of the third-party search engine meet your requirements, the search service is not interrupted, and the search results are not guaranteed to be safe, correct, timely and legitimate. Due to network conditions, communication lines, third-party websites and other reasons, you can not use reading normally, reading does not bear any legal responsibility. Reading respects and protects the privacy rights of all users. Your registered user name, email address and other personal data will not be disclosed to a third party without your personal permission or in accordance with the mandatory provisions of relevant laws and regulations.

Reading is committed to minimizing the meaningless time waste of online literature readers in the process of self searching, and displays the latest chapters of network literature in different websites through professional search. At the same time, it can promote the rapid development of the network literature for the majority of readers.

Reading encourages the majority of novel lovers to find excellent online novels and their providers through reading, and suggests reading genuine books. Any unit or individual thinks that the content of the third-party webpage linked through reading and searching may be suspected of infringing its right of information network dissemination, so it shall timely submit a written notice of power to the reader, and provide identity certificate, ownership certificate and detailed evidence of infringement. After reading the above legal documents, we will disconnect the relevant links as soon as possible according to the law.


Download with the network book source Oh ~ settings to import on the line, basically a lot of books can be read directly

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  • Add up and down control of headphones
  • Custom key configuration on previous page

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Article title: mybookshelf v2.19.112914
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    Good, good

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    Search books and hang up to Kangkang new (= ~ ω  ̄ =)

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    That's amazing

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    15 good

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    This looks good. Finally, there will be no ads

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    Thank you for sharing.

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    The hand of God   

    I don't know how different it is from reading? Is there anything special about the function and interface

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    • Look at the title. That's reading

      12:17 PM, December 27, 2019   comment
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