Computer GandCrab blackmail worm final version of the decryption tool released!

GandCrab 2018.1.28-2019.6.1 announces the end of blackmail! But before that, the extortion virus has swept the globe, which has brought huge losses to all the big and small enterprises in the world. The key to blackmail is to guard against hackers, but hackers are pervasive.

Computer The font tool tailored for the designer - v2.2.1.0 Beta

Word is a typeface tool tailored for designers. By collecting thousands of selected fonts, designers can quickly find their favorite fonts through collections, search, tags, cases, and use these fonts seamlessly in design software. You have words, you are different from the world! Software features:

Android Omni scanning Wang v4.4.2

Function Description: sending the scanning office at any time and anywhere is very necessary. When you go out, you can also send the scanned parts to the customers, and you can automatically sharpen and brighten the different devices. The picture changes to PDF. When the image scanning generates PDF, it automatically sharpens and brightens. It is very practical, and there are many ways of exporting, and it can also backup the cloud.

Android Good sound quality, using my cool music v9.2.1.4

In 2018, cool music, brand new version, massive lossless music, free download, strongly recommended download experience. Cool music 2018 is a professional online music player software specially designed for Andriod platform. One click search massive volume library, carefully create the authority list; automatically pull accurate.

Computer Powerful installation kit production tool Advanced Installer Architect 16 Sinicization version

Advanced Installer Architect is a simple and easy to use Windows software installer production tool, can be used to make MSI, EXE and other software installation package, users only need to add files, modify the name, add button is OK. - with full installation, registration and unloading to build your application.

Computer Wondershare Filmora Wanxing God cut hands meow shadow factory 8.x/9.x template, special effects collection 190531 update

Wondershare Filmora is a very good video clip software developed by Shenzhen Wanxing company (Wondershare). Wanxing has provided many templates and special effects for Filmora, but many of these template effects are expensive and expensive. Today, bloggers bring you Film.

Computer 3D word production software BluffTitler Ultimate green portable version

BluffTitler is Outerspace's 3D stereoscopic text animation design and production tool, which can produce professional 3D animation without expensive cost. The program has a large number of examples template, no matter new or professional users can easily design and make. In addition to a large number of built-in templates.

Android Fingertip v2.7.1 10 seconds to make net red little video

Shooting short videos is the thing that people like to do on a monthly basis. They upload their short videos to their videos, social platforms and friends circle to watch their friends. Since mobile phones become everyone's necessary standard, it's very common for everyone to take out a cell phone to shoot a video.

Android WPS Office v11.6.3

An Zhuoduan office software, personal edition free users: 600000000 of the world's top users: Global APP list of similar products, the first small volume: install only one application to open all forms of document cloud office: free cloud space, safe and efficient, and can be viewed and edited on any device in a timely manner.

Computer Make game development simpler, Cocos Creator V2.0.10

Cocos Creator is a complete game development solution, including the JavaScript implementation of the cocos2d-x engine (no need to learn a new engine), and various graphical interface tools that enable you to develop the game more quickly. Cocos Creator is centered on content creation.

Android Today's film TV version 2.0.8

Today's video TV version provides massive HD video, which is updated quickly and smoothly everyday. It is an application that can enjoy a large screen audio-visual feast at home, and spend time with friends and family. The first choice for movie and TV lovers is for old people and children. Today's film and television TV version has the latest film and TV.

Android Short video production artifact -- shadow 7.11.5

VivaVideo: short video production of App, the world's most popular short video application, and video detonating the secret artifact of social networking. More exclusive video beauty, animation stickers, multiple subtitles add, dubbing / music, cool cool effects... Software features: professional: a few simple steps, so that works of second change.

Computer Coral AutoCAD 2020 Edition

AutoCAD software is an automatic computer aided design software produced by Autodesk, which can be used for drawing 2D drawings and basic 3D design. It can automatically draw without knowing programming, so it is widely used in the world, and can be used in civil engineering, decoration and decoration.

Computer Comprehensive data recovery solution -- R-Studio 8.10 Build 173981 technician Edition

R-Studio is a powerful data recovery and anti deletion tool. R-Studio uses the new recovery technology to provide a complete data maintenance solution for disks using FAT12/16/32, NTFS, NTFS5 and Ext2FS partitions. It also provides support for local and network disks, and a large number of parameter settings allow...

Android Grape video v2.5.2 to advertising version

VIP video is a video broadcast application. Mommy no longer need to worry. I don't have drama, movies and anime. There are plenty of resources for vineyards. If you can't find friends watching movies, you can try grapevine movies. You can easily watch all kinds of popular movies and TV dramas.

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