Software download One click recovery backup recovery tool CGI-Plus v5.0.0.5 latest compilation enhancements

CGI one button backup recovery tool set backup, restore, NT6.x installation (automatic repair guidance) and other functions, with GHOST and ImageX dual core, 32/64 bit adaptation, support GHO/WIM/SWM/ESD, support UEFI+GPT startup, support dynamic disks. It supports unattended configuration files, making...

Software download Zhong Wang CAD mechanical version 2020 simplified Chinese simplified version

Zhong Wang CAD is a two-dimension CAD platform software developed by Zhong Wang software, which is perfectly compatible with the mainstream CAD file format with good running speed and stability. It is user-friendly, easy to use and convenient to operate, so as to help users complete the design drawing efficiently and smoothly. Support cloud mobile office, through the third party cloud services, with the hope CA...

Software download Zhong Wang CAD2020 simplified Chinese Simplified Chinese version

Note that this version is a standard version, and does not contain special modules for machinery and construction. If you need to use mechanical or architectural modules, please install the corresponding industry version. Streamlining the 1 version of the revised version of the straight version, streamlining the outdated resource files in the installation package. 2, streamlined the help documents. 3, streamlining useless operation.

Software download Zhong Wang 3D 2019 direct loading Special Edition

Zhong Wang 3D is a high-end cost-effective 3D CAD/CAM integrated software product with the global intellectual property rights. It provides customers with an integrated solution from entry-level product design, mold design and CAM processing. It has a unique Overdrive hybrid modeling kernel, supporting A-level surfaces, supporting...

Software download AutoCAD 2021 "Coral Sea" 64 streamlined and optimized Edition

The Autodesk AutoCAD 2021 version of the Autodesk 3D mechanical design software was released in March 2020. Autodesk AutoCAD is a world-renowned professional computer aided design software for two-dimensional drawing, detailed drawing, design documents and basic three-dimensional design, widely used in mechanical design, industry, and so on.

Software download AutoCAD 2021 light / extreme streamlined straight version

AutoCAD's streamlined version of bloggers has done it, but the blogger is the first to do so. We will not guarantee that the limit edition can meet everyone's needs, but we will provide the most users with the functions they need. AutoCAD software is from...

Software download PS full set of plug-ins, one button installation package v4.4.3

Like the PR plug-in that you used to share before, you can't install a full set of hard disk if you have a hard disk. Personal feel what to install what better, many things, different versions of Bug are also different, blindly pursuit version is not desirable. In addition, the old feel that this one key installation package is to fool Xiao Bai. Methods of eating: 1...

Software download Lucky draw lottery software 2020

Lucky draw shopping software: it is a comprehensive, simple interface, simple operation, easy to use the lottery software, suitable for annual conference raffle, Party draw, event sweepstakes, wedding, celebration, birthday raffle and other raffle activities. This software is applied to: no fixed participant, the customer himself according to the keyboard to extract a...

Software download Lucky draw software 2020

Lucky draw software: it is a comprehensive, simple interface, easy to operate and easy to use lottery software. It is suitable for all kinds of raffle activities such as annual raffle, Party draw, activity draw, wedding, celebration, birthday lottery and so on. This software is applicable to annual lottery, wedding, real estate, Yaohao and other lottery occasions.

Software download Excellent reading tool -- XnView MP v0.96.2

XnView MP is a great and totally free picture browser. It supports more than 100 kinds of picture formats. XnView MP also has the functions of browser, slide, screen capture, thumbnail production, batch conversion, sixteen binary browsing, drag and drop, address book, scan input and so on. XnView MP is added as XnView.

Software download Sogou Pinyin input method v9.7b to advertising optimization version

Sogou Pinyin input method, a Chinese character Pinyin input method software under the Windows platform. Sogou Pinyin input method is a new generation of input method based on search engine technology and especially suitable for Internet users. Users can backup their personalized thesaurus and configuration information through the Internet. And the whole sentence input style.

Software download Google browser Google Chrome v83.0.4103.61 official version

Google Chrome (Google browser) is a browser developed by Google Corporation that allows you to use the Internet more quickly, easily and safely. The browser is based on other open source software, including WebKit, which aims to enhance stability, speed and security, and create simple and efficient boundaries.

Software download 300G music sound and music material library

The source is a treasure. I've shared a 381G audio material package before drunk. Today, I saw this 300G material from a treasure in a knife. Old rules do not make up after links fail. Download address: warm reminder: the content here needs you to comment on this article and brush it.

Software download PR full set of plug-ins, one button installation package V4.1.2

If the hard disk is small, don't choose a full set of installation. The plug in 5G at one time can't be carried by ordinary people. Personal feel what to install what better, many things, different versions of Bug are also different, blindly pursuit version is not desirable. In addition, the old feel that this one key installation package is to fool Xiao Bai. Download: warm reminder:

Original course Create PPT 3D glass texture

This time we share how to add 3D glass texture to vector shape in PPT. The main functions are: gradual filling, line gradient, shadow, 3D format and 3D rotation, all of which are PPT's own functions (more than 2016 of WPS version should be done). Teaching 1.1 insert or select 1.