The last part, about this part of the content of the network really a lot of tutorials, and are very practical, really do not have the idea of writing another article, so carried a bit of SEO ranking on the top of the article to teach you how to multi-user

For those who are familiar with this tutorial, it is not helpful for beginners to configure the certificate. The linpx. COM domain that appears in the tutorial

After completing the configuration work of "how to build ssserver for newly purchased VPS (1)" and "installing ssserver and configuration (2)", the most important thing is to optimize ssserver

Here's the thing. After the new user ID is cached, each user will see his or her new email address

After the configuration of "how to build ssserver for newly purchased VPS (1)" is completed, shadowsocks can be installed. As a reminder, the tutorial is for CentOS

First of all, there must be an overseas VPS, which is also an OpenVZ architecture. This paper is divided into four parts, which are general security preparation configuration, shadowsocks installation, optimization configuration and multi-user configuration

Markdown is a markup language that can be written with ordinary text editor. Its syntax is concise and clear, and its function is stronger than that of plain text. Through simple markup syntax, it can make plain text

There are three general modes: copy, paste and delete. Edit mode: press I or a to enter edit mode, press ESC to return to general mode, command mode: Press / or? Or

Front row: a simple introduction to Linux command line can be regarded as a memo or a review and consolidation article, hoping to make yourself convenient and help beginners get started. This simple introduction, including the purpose

In fact, it doesn't matter. The history of blog changes, the free TK domain name and free space in the second half of 2012 died in less than one month; in early 2013, I bought a domain name and