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 Virtono added Singapore VPS host computer room, 50% off in the first month, starting from 4.5 euros | Lao Zuo's notes
VPS discount

Virtono newly added Singapore VPS host computer room, 50% off from 4.5 euros in the first month

Virtono released the May Day International Labor Day promotional activities. VPS is half price in the first month, and multiple machine rooms are optional. The Singapore machine room is the latest online, but the line is optimized for international bandwidth. See below for details. If necessary, you can check it. Virtono is a foreign VPS host company founded in 2014, which provides VPS and server leasing

 Virtono Black 55 Machine Room VPS Host 40% Discount (Windows/Linux) | Lao Zuo's Notes
VPS discount

A 40% discount on VPS host in Virtono black 55 machine room (Windows/Linux)

Old Zuo, a Virtono merchant, introduced it in 2016, when he saw the promotion activities of his family on the LET platform, and the merchant has been established for many years, mainly providing virtual hosts, VPS hosts, independent servers, etc. VPS hosts also include Linux and Windows systems. The database center includes San Jose, Dallas, Mai