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 Warner Cloud HK Server and US Server Rental Promotion 618 Activity | Lao Zuo's Notes
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618 activity of Warner Cloud Hong Kong server and US server rental promotion

The annual Mid Year Promotion 618 activity began, and Laozuo introduced the preview of Tencent Cloud Mid Year Activity. This is also a relatively old Hong Kong service provider's 618 year promotion activity, including Hong Kong ECS, US ECS rental, physical servers and advanced anti DDoS servers. If we need to choose ECS from different vendors, we can check their home

 RAKsmart In March, the whole ECS market was 30% off, and the special price of ECS was as low as $1 per month
VPS discount

RAKsmart in March has a 30% discount on ECS and the special price of ECS is as low as $1 per month

From these months, we can see that, The marketing of RAKsmart merchants in this area is quite large after the addition of ECS. For example, they have provided ECS for as low as 79 yuan per year, which is suitable for the ECS that needs low prices. This month's old Zuo saw that RAKsmart merchants once again catered to the demand of monthly payment users, and there was an ECS offering a special monthly payment of $1