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Time limited GoDaddy merchants ME/. BIZ/. INFO domain name 7 yuan activity in the first year

Since the adjustment of Godaddy's business management, we can basically enjoy Cheap domain name Registration opportunities no longer exist. If we have American accounts, American credit cards and other means, we can still enjoy sporadic Cheap domain name Activities. At the beginning, Lao Zuo and a foreign friend bought cheap domain names on behalf for a period of time (registered cheap COM domain names with overseas users+overseas credit cards, and then sold them to domestic users in demand at a low price), but later he was noticed by the merchants, resulting in the deletion and confiscation of domain names registered for speculation.

There are many disputes about Godaddy's domain name and account, such as account security. Personally, as long as we set complex passwords and pay attention to login behavior, there is no problem in theory. Today, netizens told us that Godaddy merchants are currently active and newly registered The ME domain name only costs 7 yuan BIZ,. INFO domain name, etc. Today The registration price of ME domain names has also come down. For example, some domestic registrars seem to only need more than 20 yuan.

Since there is a cheap domain name activity, Lao Zuo tried to see the specific activity and whether it can be purchased, because the official activity is limited to two days, and we don't know when to start and end. Let's go and see if the activity is feasible.

First Official website of Godaddy

Official website address:

Here Lao Zuo knows a little trick, including sharing 55 yuan registration before Same as COM domain name( Tutorial methods )Although Godaddy currently supports simplified Chinese, we still need to set the language to US English when purchasing domain names and hosts, because it is cheap. If we set simplified Chinese, many cheap prices will not be shown. (Currency can be CNY)

 Official website of Godaddy

Here we can see that the activity is still in progress. If we see that the activity is not in progress or the price is restored to the original price after the shopping cart is added, it means that the activity is over. I can't see when the activity will end.

 Active domain names include ME, BIZ, etc

We can see that it also includes BIZ,. INFO,. ME,. CLUB,. ONLINE,. XYZ domain names.

Second, add a shopping cart to check the price

Here we add the domain name to the shopping cart to see if the price changes according to the normal way of purchasing the domain name. Of course, in the process of selecting a domain name, we need to cancel the privacy protection and other additional products, because privacy protection is not free here.

 Add shopping cart to see the price

Then we need to note that the first year discount is only available, so only one year can be selected.

 Time limited GoDaddy merchants ME/. BIZ/. INFO domain name 7 yuan activity in the first year - Page 4

If you see the price has changed, you may not buy it. Go to see if you can pay.

Third, check whether Alipay is supported

We need to register/log in to the account, and then see that there is an Alipay option. Lao Zuo tests to see if payment can be made (of course, the friend said that he had bought and could buy, so I still want to test it)

 Check whether Alipay payment is supported

See that there are Alipay options in the options. See if you can pay.

 Check whether Alipay payment is supported

You can see that there are no problems at present. Here is a trick. When choosing a currency, we must choose CNY, so that there is no exchange rate difference. If you choose USD, you need to convert it into RMB with exchange rate difference, and the actual payment amount is large.

In conclusion, Lao Zuo did not know when the activity would end. If there is a need for cheap domain names, because some friends' project sites need a large number of domain names, and the cost of one or two domain names does not matter. A large number of domain names still have costs to consider.

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