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Survey: How many VPS prices are acceptable

The title of this blog post is not that Lao Zuo wants to do a VPS pricing survey, because I am also a novice to VPS host products. Because recently, when I was in LOC and other host forums, I saw wave after wave of price cuts from VPS vendors, and also saw one VPS vendor after another "running away". Therefore, I am thinking about whether we should choose a cheap host company or a product with high quality and stability.

I have said many times in the QQ group about this before. If you want to have good, long-term and high-quality services, you must make money for businesses. Because they earn money, they will have better services for us. Why, Linode VPS price So expensive? Don't talk about splitting their prices. Do you think they are stable? Did you say there was a problem with the machine? And signs of running away? At least I haven't had such a problem in the six months I've been using it.

Acceptable VPS price How much is suitable for positioning? Do you think it is reasonable to price 512M at RMB 30 or 40 or even 50?

Because Lao Zuo has never worked as a VPS vendor, he doesn't want to do it, and he doesn't know how much the cost is. But I think the 512M solution should be at least 70-100. If it is about 40 yuan, I really worry about the quality, at least I will hesitate. Of course, I'm not saying that such a low price is not good. Maybe these merchants make small profits but quick turnover. They make a few dollars each and then make a dash. But I will always keep backup data and other issues.

Lao Zuo said these things here today, but he didn't say anything bad about low price vendors. Among foreign VPS vendors, some 2G machines are priced at around $7. My original intention is that businesses must provide services to our webmaster on the basis of making money, so that our webmaster can rest assured. Our webmaster also needs to understand that, within a reasonable range, businesses can make money, because in this way our website will be more stable.

After talking for a long time, I don't know what to say. Even if I am bored, I will write about hydrology.

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