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Linode Japan Tokyo 2 Machine Room Application Trial Method and Personal Experience Evaluation Data Record

How can friends who have registered Linode merchants know more or less that their second computer room in Japan will start public sale in December. Many people must be eager to go online as soon as possible, because the original Japanese machine room has been out of stock for a long time. Although the price and configuration of the Linode merchants have been adjusted in recent years, the performance is not as good as before, and the work order processing speed is not as fast as the previous 15 minutes.

However, compared with most VPS hosts, the performance, price and stability of the Linod VPS host are actually quite good. Laozuo usually recommends it when we have overseas VPS hosts. Many of our friends may also receive an email from Linode a few days ago. From November 9, if we want to test the machine room 2 in Japan, we can submit a work order application.

One more thing to note here is that Lao Zuo received an email because I still have a machine in machine room 1 in my account. The email they sent me was asking whether they could migrate the machine in machine room 1 to machine room 2 for testing and experiencing the new machine room. If we also have such an email, please look carefully and don't be numb to say yes, because your IP will also change after you migrate, and at present, machine room 2 and machine room 1 are completely different lines.

No, Lao Zuo, like everyone else, was curious and prepared to apply for a Japanese machine room 2 for testing. It is not allowed to open directly here. You need to submit a work order application. Lao Zuo will record the process.

First, submit a work order to apply for the permission of the Japanese computer room of Linode 2

1. Submit work order application

 Submit a work order to apply for the permission of Linode 2 Japanese computer room

Here, we find those who submit work orders in the Linode background support menu, and write casually, indicating that we need to have the Tokyo 2 computer room for testing. They then answer the work order and tell us that they have the authority to see Japan's No. 2 computer room when selecting the computer room in the front.

2. Select Tokyo 2 machine room to open

 Select Tokyo 2 machine room to open

Here we can see that Linode VPS The Tokyo2 computer room can be selected when the host computer is opened. Later, our normal deployment system and ROOT settings are the same as the previous installation configuration of the computer room.

Second, Linode Toky2 machine room performance experience record

Laozuo (laozuo. org) likes tossing about and experiencing in person, but the information may be a little late each time, but it can ensure that the information is published through personal experience. Although there are various rumors (most of which are true, of course) that the performance of the Toky2 computer room is average, and the speed line is the same as that of Vultr Japan, which we are familiar with, in any case, as a Linode merchant, let's take a look together. After all, no matter which line, there must be users who need it.

1. Ping speed test

 Linode Toky2 Machine Room Performance Experience Record

From the perspective of Ping speed, China Telecom and China Unicom are within 100-200, and some regions display timeout and move within 100. The test of the Japanese machine room 1 on the left handlebar shows that the PING speed is better than that of the Japanese machine room 2.

2. IO, random download test

 IO, random download test

3. MTR route tracing

 MTR route tracing

Third, Linode Tokyo Japan 2 Machine Room Experience Summary

1. Theoretically, the application is open in December, but now as long as we want to submit a work order and say we want to test, customer service will open the permission to our account, and we can see that there is a TOKYO2 machine room option.

2. If we see an email about whether to switch over the existing Japanese machine room 1, we must not agree. From the current situation, the speed of machine room 2 is like that of machine room 1, so we do not want to say it as an experiment for the time being.

3. The product configuration is the same as that of all previous computer rooms, except for the difference in the lines. The telecom in the Tokyo 2 computer room uses the NTT line, which is the same as that in the Vultr Japan we are familiar with, and the mobile uses the PCCW.

4. From the data evaluation, there is basically no gap, but the stability of machine room 2 is not good when it is actually used, and packet loss in some areas is quite large. If it doesn't improve, we will be a little disappointed with the long-awaited machine room 2 in Japan.

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