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How does Linode VPS cancel an order and cancel automatic payment by credit card

First of all, it is certain that the linode vps product can only be paid by credit card. Currently, other payment methods are not supported. By default, no matter whether we pay monthly or yearly, the host product will be automatically renewed after the expiration. If we need to cancel it, we need to set it manually. Here are two issues of concern.

First, if the order is cancelled

If we do not want to renew the vps product we purchased, I suggest we delete it directly. The "Remove" option can be seen directly in the panel; This will keep our account. It will not affect the automatic renewal of other hosts in our account (because some friends use several hosts at the same time, and they are all rich people); If there is no other host in our account and we are not ready to use it in the future, we can cancel the currently available credit card and replace it with a scrawled credit card number. Then he will automatically deduct no money, so the host will continue the 15 day retention period, and then it will be deleted and cancelled together with the account.

The second question is how to cancel Automatic payment by credit card

We can cancel automatic payment in two ways. If we pay annually or monthly, we can recharge the account first, and then cancel the credit card. In fact, there is no need to cancel it. Linode does not deduct money randomly.

 Cancel automatic payment by credit card

Cancel automatic payment by credit card

We add a scrawled credit card number, and then delete our own, so that we can cancel the automatic renewal. It's not our problem that he can't deduct money.

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