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DesignMantic fast free online production website LOGO tool

Although it is much easier to set up a website today than in the early years, you can register a domain name, find an open source free CMS program, or even find a free host to quickly set up a website and become the so-called webmaster. As well as overly optimistic webmasters, they will think that this is the way to start building a website. In fact, this view is too simple. After all, a real webmaster needs to have multiple talents.

Including simple art, simple program modification, and even server operation and maintenance skills. However, there are still many tutorials and tools on the Internet today. If we need to create a logo for the website, we will not be able to design and have no problem. Here Laozuo shares an online Free LOGO It only takes a few minutes for a production tool to have a LOGO image that is more professional than itself.

PS: Personally, I think it is better to use free tools than some online paid task platforms. (Lao Zuo estimates that the order receiving users of those task platforms also use free tools)

First Free LOGO Create website

Tool address:

Second, free LOGO production demonstration

1. Design Options

 Free LOGO production demonstration

Enter the text in the LOGO, select the industry, and click to preview the selected items.

2. Select Intention LOGO

 DesignMantic fast free online production website LOGO tool

Here we can see that the tool platform has helped us design many options. Does it look much better than the design of some paid task platforms? In fact, LOGO is relatively easy to design and does not need to be too complex.

3. Custom Settings

If we have LOGO design If you are satisfied, you can use it directly. If you need to modify it slightly, you can also customize it, such as color or font.

 Designmantic custom settings

Enter and move to the past, and click the Select button.


After the design is completed, we can directly download it to the local and use it according to the actual needs. During the download process, we can also see that the platform has designed business cards for us to recommend, and we can skip them if we don't need them.

In conclusion, Lao Zuo (laozuo. org) personally thinks that the design of this free LOGO platform is very good. We can quickly give the website or other projects we need LOGO design Especially our art design is not good. This design scheme is quite professional.

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