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Records of methods for preemptive registration of 10 years+old domain names and expired domain names on GoDaddy Auctions platform

I believe that many netizens, like Lao Zuo, knew and used Godaddy's domain name because they often released 0.99, 1.99 and 1.49, which are really attractive. COM domain name registration prices in the first year. Just like we often see cheap VPS hosts, if we don't buy them, we will feel lost. Lao Zuo has always attributed this symptom to a "disease" and really need treatment. Over the past few years, although I have often warned myself not to buy cheap domain names and VPS, I still buy one or two from time to time.

Fortunately, the Godaddy domain name registrar has adjusted its policies for the Chinese user base. Even if there is a domain name similar to 0.99, we cannot buy it. This has a certain relationship with the business policy, because the single profit model based on domain name registration is relatively limited. Laozuo personally believes that the bigger profit point of Godaddy businesses lies in the domain name registration platform of Godaddy Auctions, Users can rush to register and bid for expired domain names in the platform.

A few days ago, a netizen wrote to Lao Zuo and asked him if he had a domain name that has been more than 10 years and is the most cost-effective way to purchase it. Here I thought of the GoDaddy Auctions platform, because I had bought it before. It may be because of the needs of some projects, we can choose from expired domain names Old domain name , and age domain names with some special characters. If we have friends who need them, I think this platform is good, at least it can save money compared with some trading platforms.

First, GoDaddy Auctions platform

Rush registration platform:

 GoDaddy Auctions Platform

Although the new registration and renewal of domain names of Godaddy merchants do not have much advantage in recent years, their merchants have expanded many other businesses, such as virtual host, virtual host, and server related businesses. Although the early promotion of low-cost domain names can attract a large number of users, there are few renewal users, or they will transfer to other businesses, which should be one of the reasons they consider.

Second, log in and register GoDaddy Auctions account

After entering the GoDaddy Auctions panel platform, we will see many displayed domains that are about to expire and are in the auction. If we want to be a buyer or buyer, we must have an account and a GoDaddy Auctions member account. We need to purchase this account separately and pay 4.99 dollars annually.

 Log in and register your GoDaddy Auctions account

We can see the above figure. When logging in, if we have an account, we can log in directly. If not, we need to register a Member account, so that we can have the qualifications to select and purchase expired domain names, sell domain names on the platform, etc.

Lao Zuo has an account here, so he logs in directly. If we only buy one or two domains, we can find out if there are friends who can help you buy them. If you need to book more, or want to play in the future Rush register domain name You'd better register an account.

Third, use Auctions platform to filter domain names

After we have an account, we can start to filter the required domain names in the platform. The domain names we see on the platform are only those that are about to expire on the Godaddy platform, and those that users submit to the platform for sale. For other different platforms, expired domain names are not visible here. This is why, if we invest in domain names, we need accounts of various trading platforms.

Because there are tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of domain names in Auctions platform, we can't figure out how to turn pages. What we need is the search function.

 Filter domain names with Auctions platform

Here we can see the above figure. The Advanced Search button performs advanced search.

 Auctions filter domain name

In the advanced screening, Lao Zuo (laozuo. org) is just an example of searching for domain names containing vps characters, which need to be more than 5 years old and have a suffix of. COM. Generally, some of these domain names need to be used by IDC businesses. The host companies that do this look up WHOIS information do not appear to be new registrars.


Here we can see the above filtering results. We can see that one of them is good. For example, ECVPS looks very short. However, there is a defect here. The current list price is $12, and it cannot be purchased directly by BUY NOW. It also requires bidding. However, there is no bid from other users at present (bids/offerers are 0). In 9 days and 13 hours (9D 13H), you can get $11 (if it is less than $12, you can buy now directly).

It's as simple as that. We can find the domain names with potential special characters that need to be registered, as well as the domain names that need to be aged, through advanced screening.

IV. Skills of domain name rush registration on Auctions platform

1. About Filtering

We must learn to use search and filtering tools, because there are too many domain names, we need to rush to register expired domain names or domain names with special characters, we must filter them, and then check them according to the price and time order. If they are in the direct BUY NOW status, they can be purchased directly. If they need to bid, we need to bid, And if other people bid, bidding is required.

2. On Buy Now and Bidding

 On Buy Now and Bidding

We can see the results when screening, some of which are in BUY NOW status. In fact, the domain names here are also sold by investors on the platform (generally more than ten dollars are hung up by users themselves). We can see the above figure. The above domain names are all directly bought by users in BUY NOW status, Add shopping cart payment.

We see the following part. The domain name that needs to be auctioned for about 12 dollars belongs to the domain name that is about to expire. We can make a bid to reserve it. If there is no other bid in the later column, it belongs to us. If we are confident enough, we can also wait until the end of the next time, and enter the next price. Each time, the price will be reduced by about $1. If it is less than $12, a Buy Now price will appear.

For example, the domain names that Lao Zuo helped a netizen buy before were all purchased at a price of 5 dollars. If no one has bought it for less than $5, it will expire and fall down. In a few days, it can be re registered as a new domain name.

3. About the time when the domain name is registered

No matter BUY NOW or the domain name obtained through bidding, it will take us a long time to get it. Because many domain names in the platform are auctioned because the original holders forgot to renew their fees. If the original holders find that they can redeem them at a high price after we pay them and when they leave them at maturity, we will not get them.

Of course, if other people also bid for bidding domain names, we can also set an automatic bid based on who bids the highest. For example, Lao Zuo's three digit ME and. BIZ registered through this platform last year. I didn't remember the specific time. After our rush registration, we can see the specific time when the domain name arrived in the list of rush registration domain names.

4. About rush registration Old domain name And expired domain name tips

Lao Zuo can't be regarded as an experienced domain name player, but he has registered several. According to my personal experience, if I want to rush to register old domain names, I usually buy Buy Now domain names, which are about 5-8 US dollars a mouthful. I forgot to mention here that this price is a bidding price, and we need to pay an additional one-year renewal fee (Godaddy makes more money on trading platforms than on newly registered domain names).

If we need to bid for expired domain names, we usually click the "eye" sign in front of the domain name and add it to the watch list. We will not bid for the time being and wait to see the bids of others. Generally, we should not rush to bid, because for those of us who are not professional and have no capital, if we have many days to end the auction, we don't need to follow the crowd, If you annoy the big guy, you will not be able to raise the price. It is better to wait until the final bid is made. Maybe you still want to pick up the leak.

In conclusion, if we need an old domain name for the project, it is relatively cost-effective to register it directly on the GoDaddy Auctions platform. If we are using it to rush to register domain names for auction investment, we should be cautious. Some domain names that do not understand the value are priced very high, and some can even be found missing.

PS: If we have domain names that need to be sold on the Godaddy platform, we suggest that we be cautious, because the platform will charge 20% of the transaction amount as a service fee, which is a bit of a pit.

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