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Record the process of domain name transfer to Namesilo domain name registrar

There are two domain names on hand that were originally registered with Namecheap. When they expire in a few days, the renewal fee will be about $10 and the renewal fee will not give privacy protection. So we can save money by tossing around and preparing to transfer the domain name to NameSilo, because it is still cheap to transfer the domain name to the merchant, and privacy protection will also be given, If it doesn't work well in the future, continue to transfer it before the next year's renewal.

You should also be familiar with the Namesilo domain name registrar. Although it started late, users like it because of its relatively stable registration and renewal prices, as well as the policy of giving permanent privacy protection. But there is only one problem. We recommend not to choose many websites with content irregularities, because once it is checked out that there is copyright Unqualified content may cause domain name deletion, account locking and other problems.

Lao Zuo transferred the domain names from the two Namecheaps last night, and now all of them have been settled. The accompanying screenshots are left today to sort out and record the articles, which can also help friends who need reference.

First, the official website of NameSilo and preparations

NameSilo official website:

Before any domain name transfer, we need to check the existing domain name platform to see if our domain name WHOIS information is our own, close privacy protection, unlock the domain name transfer out, and obtain the domain name transfer out code.

Of course, if we don't have an account in the Namesilo website platform, you can refer to“ NameSilo domain name registrar account and domain name registration tutorial "Register a new account.

Second NameSilo domain name Transfer to operation process

1. Enter the domain name and transfer code to be transferred

 Enter the domain name and transfer code to be transferred

As shown in the figure above, we can see the operation process interface of domain name transfer in the Transfer menu. If we only have one domain name, enter the domain name in the text box after Single Domain Transfer instead of the transfer code; If we have more than one domain name, because I want to transfer to two domains yesterday, the two domains will use more than one domain name together. Enter the domain names in the box below directly separated by commas and followed by transfer codes.

Then click the corresponding SEARCH button to continue the operation.

2. Check information and add shopping cart

 Check information and add shopping cart

Here we need to check the transfer code information of the current domain name, and then click the Transfer these domains button to continue.

3. Set domain name options and check fees

 Set domain name options and check fees

Here we set whether the domain name is automatically renewed, whether privacy protection is enabled, and whether the domain name is directly renewed for several years. If we use the NS account for the first time, we can also use the discount code once( here ), orders save $1.

4. Select payment method

 Select payment method

Here we can pay by credit card, PAYPAL, Alipay, etc. After payment, we can see the current status of the domain name in the background Domain Transfer menu. I forgot the screenshot here.

Third, the confirmation email for the transfer of the Namesilo domain name

After the payment is completed, it will take about an hour for us to confirm whether an email from NS will be transferred in.

 Namesilo domain name transfer confirmation email

It is almost finished here. There are different activation methods according to different registrars. For example, after the above activation and consent, I use Namecheap transfer. An email will come from NC about 2 hours later, asking whether to confirm the transfer out. If we click the link in the email, and then click Confirm and Agree, the transfer in will be completed in about half an hour, without waiting for 5-7 working days.

However, some registrars will have to wait 5-7 working days after agreeing to transfer out. This is handled differently by different businesses.

To sum up, Lao Zuo, the Namesilo domain name registrar, has also used it for more than two years. Although there is no special promotional activity, the price is still relatively solid. The above is a relatively complete NS domain name transfer process. If you need reference, you can take a look.

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