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Four five Internet SSF merchant Hong Kong Shatian independent server 5Mbps simple experience evaluation

Four five Internet, a Chinese host provider, provides virtual hosts, domain names, VPS virtual machines, and server products. According to the official's own introduction, it was founded in 2008 and has been in operation since then. In particular, the independent server business includes computer rooms in the United States, Hong Kong and so on. About two weeks ago, the official asked Lao Zuo to release the server test information of their computer rooms in Shatian, Hong Kong, so he gave up a test machine at that time.

According to the official activities, the first month of the Shatian independent server special price machine is 100 yuan (350 yuan for renewal), 4GB memory, 5Mbps port, and 250GB hard disk. According to the officially provided machine, Lao Zuo conducts a simple evaluation according to the practice. Because I have never used their machine before, it is better to use their machine users' comments, so that even if there are users who need to use it, they can also refer to the choice.

First, official website address

Official website:

Second, Hong Kong Sha Tin test IP

IP address:

Third, Ping speed test

 Ping speed test

Fourth, configuration and IO test

 Configuration, IO test

Fifth, CPU parameter information

 CPU parameter information

To sum up, the above is a simple test of this newly contacted domestic Hong Kong Shatian host provider. Just the data feedback of this test machine does not represent the performance used by Lao Zuo. If used friends can feedback message.

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