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One click fast CentOS environment yum Install LAMP website environment and quickly add sites

If we need to quickly deploy the website environment in VPS and servers, and the requirements for various software versions of the WEB environment are not very high, we can use yum to quickly install LAMP Web environment is used to deploy and set up the website environment. Lao Zuo also introduced the manual installation of the WEB environment in his previous blog posts, and the installation of the WEB in the Deibian environment APT-GET mode in this article a few days ago is a direct yum installation using the environment's own software.

The yum installation process to be shared in this article today is based on the RCAT one click script seen on the Internet earlier, which integrates all the yum processes required by the LAMP WEB environment, and the author adds more convenient virtualhost scripts, so that we can make visual choices during the installation process, and add sites and databases directly on the SSH interface after the installation, We do not need to manually configure the file.

Lao Zuo has shared some reference articles about the LAMP WEB environment before:

1、 One click installation of LNMP/LAMP/LNMPA website environment for CentOS/Debian/Ubuntu system

2、 Complete configuration CentOS6 installation LAMP (Apache/MySQL/PHP) environment setup tutorial

First, RCAT system environment requirements and software download and installation

RCAT script currently only supports 32 or 64 bit systems with CentOS 5/6/7 release, and the memory needs more than 256MB. The installation environment includes basic WEB uses of Apache+MySQL+PHP, as well as some component support for system optimization and acceleration.

yum -y install wget
yum -y install screen && screen
wget -O ; chmod 755;./ 2>&1 | tee rcat.log

I saw the script download and installation address above, and I remember seeing it at that time The site of the XYZ domain name cannot be opened now. In order to ensure that the script can be used in the future without losing it, Lao Zuo also downloaded a copy of the script to the local document.

Backup script:

If the above official installation path fails, use the following standby.

Second, RCAT script installation LAMP environment process

 RCAT script installation LAMP environment procedure

After the script installation, we will be prompted to enter any key to continue, and then enter the current host name (arbitrary), mailbox (arbitrary), set the ROOT database password, and modify the current VPS server port. It will be automatically installed after setting and entering.

 One click fast CentOS environment yum Install LAMP website environment and quickly add sites

Finally, this interface indicates that the LAMP installation of the RCAT environment is completed, which is much faster than the general compilation and installation or one click package installation. Later, we will use the toolkit provided to quickly add sites and databases.

Third, RCAT quickly adds sites and databases

Log in to the current root directory, and we can see that there is a file. Enter it directly in SSH to start the site building mode. In general, we will deploy the site manually, which is a bit troublesome, isn't it? The advantage of this script is that it can be added quickly.

 RCAT quickly adds sites and databases

We need to add the domain name, FTP user name and password to be bound according to the prompt, and set the database name and user name.


Seeing this interface means that the installation is completed. We can also download and install the WP program with one click. If necessary, enter y and enter n, otherwise, I will install WP.

 Rcat database information

Here you can see that all the FTP and database information is at the bottom. We need to save and download them.

Finally, if the bound domain name resolves to the current IP address, directly open the domain name URL after it takes effect, you can see the installation interface of the WP program, and enter the corresponding database information to complete the installation. If FTP is required to modify files, log in to the corresponding site directory through the FTP account or SFTP to modify them. In this way, the fast LAMP YUM deployment process is relatively smooth. It is much faster than our regular installation of the WEB environment. It is more suitable for playing or deploying simple LAMP environments, but some WEB components are of lower versions.

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