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New users select 10 available performance test tools and methods for VPS hosts

Although Lao Zuo has also been exposed to many VPS host products in recent years, and some have also recorded the product evaluation information of the merchants according to their own use and experience. There are often netizens in groups or leave messages asking whether they can recommend cheap, cost-effective, stable and other VPS host products that meet the needs. In fact, it is really difficult to answer these questions. Because of different user lines, broadband bandwidth configurations, and different project requirements, the final actual application is often different.

This is why many VPS hosts are constantly struggling, selecting, and trying. Some good vendors may have line problems after a period of time, leading to poor performance. For example, the SL Asia line is not good enough in the last month or so. It seems that the PING speed is good, but the actual users can't open the speed card. That's why people often say Select VPS When the host is not familiar with the merchants, try to choose monthly payment and other methods. If the policy allows, you can also choose refund.

Although Lao Zuo has also used many VPS hosts, and his skills are similar to those of ordinary netizens, I also pretended to have a few screenshots in my blog about evaluating the performance of VPS hosts. In fact, those screenshots can only represent the test data at that time. For ordinary users, including me, they are also dizzy. Of course, for experts, they have their own test methods, but for ordinary users, it can be a little simpler. In this article, Lao Zuo will arrange for our new users Select VPS How to test the performance of the host“ Five simple and practical VPS performance testing methods "Simply recorded).

I. PING speed test

For the PING speed test, the current VPS host speed can be reflected under certain circumstances, but it is not absolute. Because, like the VPS host in the recent HostUS Asian computer room, the ping speed seems to be OK, but it's just such a card. For example, for some European VPS hosts, the PING speed is mostly red, but the user's opening speed is quite fast.

The above two online tools are generally used here, or we can run the PING local machine to test the PING speed of the current machine.

 PING speed test

In this way, we can simply check whether the current VPS is packet loss, but it is not the only basis, because the ping speed cannot accurately reflect the speed.

Second, network node download speed

This tool is easy to use. The teddysun blogger gathers some commonly used node download files into one file, and then executes the one click command to the VPS host. You can see the speed of downloading files from several download points to the server.

wget -qO- | bash

 Network node download speed

Here we can also use this tool to view the basic configuration information and online status of the current VPS host.

III. IO hard disk read/write test

dd if=/dev/zero of=test bs=64k count=4k oflag=dsync
dd if=/dev/zero of=test bs=8k count=256k conv=fdatasync

This command can be used to view the read/write speed test of the hard disk. The read/write speed of SSD is very different from that of ordinary hard disk. Some service providers say that the read/write speed of SSD hard disk is not good enough, so we can make a comparison when selecting it.

 IO hard disk read/write test

Fourth, UnixBench score test

The UnixBench score test has some similar results with the PING test, which can not directly reflect the actual performance, but can be used as a simple reference value, just like our mobile phones. Some scores are very high, but the actual use is not ideal.

tar -zxvf UnixBench5.1.3.tgz
cd UnixBench

If you encounter an error prompt when executing the command, you can refer to“ UnixBench run test "This article provides some necessary component support for installation.

Fifth, MTR route tracking test

We can use the route tracing test WinMTR Client tools or WebKAKA online tools.

You can select a node and trace the route to our server. For example, some lines seem to be Asian machine rooms, but in fact, the lines are wound around the United States after adjustment, so there are many variables when we choose VPS hosts.

Sixth, CPU, memory, hard disk

Cat/proc/cpuinfo (View CPU information)
Cat/proc/meminfo (view memory information)
Df - lh (View hard disk information)

The second method above can already reflect the actual hard disk and memory parameters, but we can also directly use the above lines of commands to see the configuration parameters in detail.

Seventh, check the load


Detect the load of the current VPS host in real time through the command. If it is a Windows VPS host, you need to use the corresponding tools.

 View load

Eighth, speed of station building experience

The above 7 points may be a little dizzy for new users after a long time. We are most concerned about the stability and speed of actual use. If we use VPS to build a website, we can directly experience the performance of the VPS host when deploying the panel or one click package. On the one hand, the installation and compilation speed of the environment can also experience the performance of the VPS host. For some machines, it takes only half an hour to install a panel or one click package in the same machine room, and for some machines, it takes an hour. In this way, some information can be returned.

After the website is built, the opening speed of our website, or the speed of random sampling for netizens to experience, can be more intuitive to reflect the speed of the project, which is more accurate than our previous PING speed test. This is why PING looks ordinary. Some machines actually build a site and open it fairly fast, while some PING data looks good and open it slowly. Of course, the premise is that the program, theme and the same module of our website are optimized.

Ninth, the experience speed of the project

In addition to building a website, we may use VPS to build project test applications, such as VNC remote desktop to complete the CPS project. Some are used to watch videos, and some are used to mount other software and other operations. We can intuitively experience the actual performance through these actual applications, and the so-called some of the above test data are ultimately used here.

X. Feedback from monitoring tools

We can use third-party monitoring tools, such as Alibaba Cloud Monitoring, Monitoring Treasure, Baidu Cloud Observation, 360 Monitoring and other third-party monitoring tools for free or our own deployment of monitoring feedback server operation stability information. If a machine alarms frequently, we can check whether it is a problem with the monitoring tool or the real server is unstable. According to the detection and data feedback over a period of time, we can still get some evaluation criteria for the stability of VPS.

To sum up, when any user chooses basic products such as virtual host, VPS, server, etc., including our purchase of living goods, he hopes to buy the best product with the least money, but in fact, it is proportional to our cost. We don't want to buy products that are cheap, stable, and fast. We can only say that the most affordable cost is about the same, After all, we all know the truth that every penny is worth every penny.

There are many VPS host vendors and products. Our new users will be confused when they choose to see various products. The most direct way is to simply try by themselves after selecting a range. The best way is to fit their own projects.

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