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Pzea - OpenVZ Los Angeles/Fremont/Phoenix 256MB Memory 500GB Traffic $12/year

Pzea The merchant's product, which Lao Zuo remembers having introduced before, is an English interface brand product belonging to KVMLA, a Chinese VPS host company. This time, after adjustment and consolidation, it provides a variety of cheap OpenVZ and KVM VPS host services again. The data center includes Phoenix, Los Angeles, and Fremont, three computer rooms with good speed in China, and the minimum annual payment is 12 dollars.

Both domestic and foreign merchants have been popular since 2015 and have offered low price annual payment schemes. First, the market competition trend and second, the demand for user projects have led to a large demand for cheap machines. Lao Zuo has seen many netizens mention PZEA's machines after the new scheme. Here I also share them.

First Pzea Merchant part Cheap VPS Host scheme

  • CPU: 1 core CPU
  • Memory: 256MB
  • Hard disk: 15GB
  • Flow: 500GB
  • Port: 100Mbit
  • Architecture: OpenVZ
  • Number of IPs: 1 independent IP
  • Price: $12.00/year (purchase)
  • CPU: 1 core CPU
  • Memory: 512MB
  • Hard disk: 25GB
  • Traffic: 800GB
  • Port: 100Mbit
  • System: OpenVZ
  • Number of IPs: 1 independent IP
  • Price: $2.75/month (purchase)

Pzea provides data centers in Los Angeles, Phoenix and Fremont this time. Lao Zuo has tested that the speed of Los Angeles and Fremont is the same. He supports the building of the software test environment we need. This configuration is definitely for these users. At present, two free IPV4 IP addresses can be applied for for an annual payment of more than $20.

Second, Pzea data center test IP

Los Angeles:

Third, Ping speed test of three data centers in Pzea

Lao Zuo tested the PING speed of several random domestic nodes at the current/current time according to the above official test IP addresses of the three machine rooms.

A - Phoenix

 Pzea Phoenix

B - Los Angeles

 Pzea Phoenix

C - Fremont

 Pzea Phoenix

Lao Zuo saw that there was basically no difference in test speed in the morning. The speed in Los Angeles and Fremont was good. Lao Zuo entered a machine behind to see the actual demonstration speed.

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