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2015 Black Friday HawkHost Hawk host 25% off Virtual host $8.97

These days, everyone is excited because the annual Black Friday When we arrive, various domestic and foreign e-commerce platforms, including the host service providers we often contact and those we do not often contact, will have some discount activities, and some preferential promotions are also quite strong. However, for our users, it is more cost-effective to buy when they really need it. If they don't need it, they don't need to buy it. At any rate, they can't waste money.

Got one the day before yesterday HawkHost When the Hawk mainframe expired, I bought another one at a discount of 6.5% (the basic plan paid 31 dollars annually). But today, I saw the Hawk mainframe launch the Black Friday promotion, and the discount was as low as 25%. I regret that I started two days earlier, so if there are users who need ordinary virtual hosts, perhaps the eagle host virtual host is also a good choice.

 2015 Black Friday HawkHost Hawk host 25% off Virtual host $8.97

At present, there are two schemes for the Hawk virtual host: Primary and Professional. The difference is that the hard disk of the former is 10GB, and the latter has no restrictions on the number of sites and traffic. If the VPS host can not be played and the virtual host can meet the basic needs, it is recommended to play with the virtual host first.

Black Friday Hawk Host Official Activity www. HawkHost. Com (As of November 29)

First, 25% discount for virtual host

25% discount code for new purchase of any virtual host scheme bfshared2015 It is only suitable for new purchases. The renewal fee is the original price, but we can buy a new replacement at this time the next year, which will save more money.

Lao Zuo, for example, will pay $11.97 annually, but it will be cheaper to buy a 2-year plan, which is about $8 a year on average.

 25% discount for virtual host

The above is the 2-year primary host scheme without discount, which is entered according to the figure above bfshared2015 The discount code is activated, and then we can see the fees after the 2-year program discount.

 Black Friday Hawk host discount

It can be seen that the 2-year primary scheme is $17.94, with an average of only $8.97 a year. You can choose five data center computer rooms in Singapore, Los Angeles and other cities to support Alipay payment.

Second, reseller distribution host 40% off

If you need to be a small hosting company, this was popular in the past, but now it is not clear how many people are doing it. This Black Five event has a 40% discount, and you need to use it bfreseller2015 Discount code.

 Reseller distribution host 40% off

Third, 25% discount for servers

Lao Zuo has not purchased and used the server of the Hawk host, but since they have this product in their home, they should still have users. They should release it first, and use it in case there are users who need it bfsd2015 25% off for new purchase of discount code.

 25% discount for servers

Fourth, 40% off for Hawk VPS

This merchant also has VPS hosts, but the price is generally expensive. The original monthly fee is $18/month, and this activity is 40% off, which needs to be used bfvps2015 Discount code.

 40% discount for Hawk host VPS host

HawkHost The domain name of Hawk host merchants also has activities. The newly registered COM/NET/ORG/INFO domain name costs only 8 dollars, which seems not too cheap. If you need to buy it, use it bfdomain2015 I don't recommend purchasing domain names with discount codes, because NAMECHEAP's domain name activities should be large these days, and you can directly purchase or transfer in the domain names from this vendor.

Fifth, the speed test of Hawk mainframe in Los Angeles and Singapore

At present, the Hawk host has five data centers, including SoftLayer Singapore and Los Angeles. I remember that Singapore originally bypassed the line, while the United States was just a San Jose computer room. After this year's replacement, please ping to see the speed.



2. Los Angeles PING test

 Los Angeles PING test

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