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In the previous article“ Free Linux VPS management panel: AMH "In the blog, Lao Zuo shared this Chinese VPS panel Installation method of. Continue to strike while the iron is hot, and I will be familiar with the background operation of this panel with you to see if it is better than what I recommended before kloxo The panel is complex. I believe that what Chinese people do should be more conducive to our own operating habits on the basis of foreign countries. It should be relatively simple and easy to operate and manage.

first, http://IP:8888/ Log on to our AMH On the management panel, the default user name is admin, and the password is the MySQL password we set.

The background is relatively clear. You can see that the Host on the top is for adding sites to manage sites, MYSQL is for adding and managing databases, FTP is for adding and managing FTP accounts, and BACKUP is for backing up data. Check whether adding sites is complicated.

From the perspective of resource utilization, AMH AMH is also a good choice for Chinese webmasters who need to use panels to manage VPS.


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