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New registered Vultr account free $20-50 balance Vultr discount code sorting and precautions

This week, virtual hosts, VPS The server and other telecom exports have a lot of delay and packet loss problems, not only in the United States, but also in Japan, Hong Kong and other Asian lines, including the so-called Gao Fushai Linode. The PING test line timeout is more than 90%. The specific problem is that as our users, there is no way to change it, or we will wait for stability, and some time periods are still OK, Or if we have website projects, we can also consider transferring them to domestic hosts.

Continuing to get to the point, today a netizen asked Laozuo whether Vultr service providers have discount codes with large amount, because some overseas host companies still give certain discounts to newly registered accounts, so Laozuo prepared to sort out this article to collect Vultr discount code information and sort out the discount codes that can be used in currently newly registered accounts, As well as informing users of the problems that need attention when registering new accounts, I found that many people said that the accounts were closed or other problems.

Vultr official website address:

First, $20 for a new registered account( Has expired

Discount code: SSDVPS (valid for 30 days), NGINX20 (valid for 1 year)

Offer description: newly register Vultr account, select any of the above, fill in the preference code location, click APPLY, and we can see the account balance of $20 for free.

Only $5 for new registered accounts:

The failure of the $20 discount should be caused by the influx of users due to the current low price scheme.

 $20 for new registered account

We can see that the current $20 is valid for 30 days and will expire after expiration. We can bind it with a credit card or recharge the minimum $5 with PAYPAL as the verification account. Otherwise, it cannot be activated.

Second, the free balance of $50 for new registered accounts (only credit cards)

$50 special page: (Copy to Address Bar Open)

 Free $50 balance for new registered account

This activity has always been available. We need to go to the special page to see it. Even though the discount code we see is 50FOR60, it is invalid after entering. Click to register again to get a gift.

 Free $50 balance for new registered account (credit card only)

One thing to note here is that if you use the $50 gift, you can use the 60 day validity period, but you can only bind a credit card to activate it. Paypal recharge is not supported. So if you have a credit card, you can bind it. If you only have Paypal, you can only enjoy the first $20 activity.

III. Precautions for newly registered Vultr account (do not speculate)

It's smart that after we saw the above activities, at least half of the people would think so, including Lao Zuo (who also played when Linode newly registered an account was given as a gift, but now basically doesn't play these speculations). We will certainly think that we can register more accounts, get more free money, and then take turns using free accounts. The idea is reliable, but the actual operation is risky.

1. On Multiple Accounts

Lao Zuo can definitely confirm that there are many users doing this, and it has always been relatively safe. But if we want to use the host and account safely, or we want to register an account honestly and use it with ease, after all, speculation has certain risks. Vultr's account security control is relatively strict. Even if we need a new registered account to get a gift, we need to change our IP address, clear the MAC address, and our payment methods for each account are different. If the payment account is the same, it will lead to the risk that the account will be closed, and then all accounts will be blocked.

2. About credit card

If we use a credit card for verification, because I always use PAYPAL, it is said that the credit card will deduct about $2 to verify the account, and then it will be returned to the account. If there is no credit card, users can use it“ Global payment to MasterCard GlobalCash "Virtual credit cards, but according to user feedback, some can be verified, and some can not be successful, depending on luck.

3. About fee deduction

Vultr uses hourly billing. We need to ensure that our account has a balance or can be deducted by binding a credit card. Overdraft account arrears will lead to the account being locked directly. If our project is short-term, it is recommended to delete the VPS after use, and deploy it again when needed. This can ensure cost savings in the account. Second, we do not have to worry about forgetting that the account still has a machine.

To sum up, from the users Lao Zuo contacted, after many individual users used it, the performance of Vultr VPS host was not as good as that of the beginning. However, if a simple personal website was established, there would still be no major problem. Japan and Los Angeles could still use it, and the users who used it most concentrated on using it Vultr supports custom ISO installation of Windows System, and then operate some items.

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