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The Linux Debian system is equipped with X2Go lightweight remote desktop and the speed exceeds that of VNC

Our ordinary users using VPS host are nothing more than building a website, playing with software testing and other tools, but some users with special needs need to use the desktop environment debugging software of Linux VPS host, and many need to mount software in Windows environment. Because of the high cost, we will consider using Linux server to build VNC remote desktop environment.

About VNC Desktop Environment Laozuo Blog There are also many articles shared in, which should benefit many users who need from their use. But there is a problem here. If you need to install VNC Desktop The environment takes up a large amount of memory resources. If you want to run Firefox smoothly, you need at least 512MB of memory, so the cost is slightly higher.

Today, Lao Zuo accidentally saw X2Go Desktop The environment is lightweight. According to overseas user feedback, it saves resources and occupies less memory than the traditional VNC desktop environment. X2Go , is a fast terminal service package based on NX runtime library. We can install remote server and Linux or Windows client link software.

If we need to refer to some VNC or desktop environments, we can refer to the following articles:

1、 Linux VPS Debian installation LXDE+VNC desktop with Firefox browser and simplified Chinese

2、 Linux OpenVZ CentOS 6 64bit environment One click installation VNC desktop environment tutorial

3、 Linux Debian 6 system environment One click installation of Windows XP system

In this article, Lao Zuo wrote an article about installing the X2GO desktop environment based on the Linux Debian system. Because Lao Zuo doesn't have some projects to use, he just ensures that the environment can be installed, not the project driver or environment support you want to run.

First, update/upgrade the system environment

apt-get update

 Update/upgrade system environment

No matter which version of the system we use, we must update the environment package before installing the environment to ensure the running of the program.

Second, replace the data source


Edit the sources.list file and add the software data source path

# X2Go Repository
deb squeeze main
# X2Go Repository (sources)
deb-src squeeze main

 Replace data source

See the figure above and add X2GO source.

Third, update and upgrade system files

apt-get update
apt-get upgrade
apt-get dist-upgrade

We will replace and upgrade the latest version of the environment. If you see whether you are sure, enter y and press Enter.

Fourth Install X2Go

apt-key adv --recv-keys --keyserver E1F958385BFE2B6E
aptitude update && aptitude install x2go-keyring
aptitude install x2goserver

Execute the above script Install X2Go .

 Install X2Go

Fifth, install LXDE lightweight desktop

apt-get install xorg lxde-core

 Installing LXDE Lightweight Desktop

Sixth, install Midori browser

apt-get install midori

Midori lightweight browser takes up resources and runs much faster than Firefox.

Seventh, install X2Go client and connect to remote desktop

Official website of client:

We can download it from the official website and find that mswin is a Windows system. For other environments, we can find our own installation scheme. We can install the client in another Linux environment or local system. Today, we used the Windows system when writing this article, so we used the Win client X2Go

Download locally:

Here I put it in my own document, so it can download faster. After downloading, install it to the desktop. Do not demonstrate it here, just follow the steps.

 Install X2Go client and connect to remote desktop

As shown in the figure above, we need to add a remote desktop connection. Fill in our IP and user name root, select the light desktop LXDE we installed in the session type, and then save it.

VIII. Log in to the remote desktop

 Log on to Remote Desktop

In the pop-up interface, you need to enter the root password of the server. Then click OK and wait. The pop-up interface shows clearly that the key needs to be updated.


Here I'll try to open the Midori browser.

 The Linux Debian system is equipped with X2Go lightweight remote desktop and the speed exceeds that of VNC

This Midori browser is good. We will study other specific functions by ourselves.

In conclusion, the X2GO desktop environment has been installed. If we have project needs, we can install it to see if it is better than VNC, and choose a suitable project environment.

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