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Google Cloud New users of Google Cloud Platform will be given $300 as application method

In fact, last year Google Cloud Google's cloud platform gave away the balance of any new user. I remember that it should be 800 dollars at that time. Today, I saw netizens in the group mention the $300 gift from Google Cloud, so Lao Zuo continued to log in Google Cloud The platform will see if it can also apply for a game. It was originally thought that the application was relatively difficult, but in fact it was relatively simple. Fortunately, the screenshot of the process was retained when applying, so this article recorded the method of applying for Google Cloud platform for $300 free.

First, log in to Google Cloud platform website

Official website:

 Log in to Google Cloud platform website

After logging into the official website, you can see the above figure, and directly click the Start Your Free Trial button to prepare the registration application. Log in to any of our existing Google accounts.

Second, Google Cloud Account Application Process

A - Fill in personal information


It's OK to fill in personal information, but it's not important. It's OK to fill in at will.

B - Credit card information


You need to bind a credit card, and you need to deduct $1. Old Zuo has tested it Global card payment It can also be used. After confirming directly, you can see that there are 300 dollars in the account, which can be used for 60 days.

 Google Cloud New users of Google Cloud Platform will be given $300 as application method

Third, Gugeyun platform products

Google's cloud platform products are relatively rich, including cloud database, DNS, virtual machine, etc.

 Google Cloud Platform Products

Because Lao Zuo doesn't need this product for any project, so there is no test. If we have friends who need it, the only thing to remind us is that the $300 gift seems to be a lot, but it doesn't cost much. Because the product cost of Google Cloud Platform is relatively expensive, we need to take care.

Fourth, about account binding

Many friends worry about deduction when they mention the binding of credit cards. If we use them within 300 dollars, it will be no problem, or we will automatically cancel the free balance of our account after 60 days. If we really want to use it, we should consider our own economic capacity. After all, the cost of payment is relatively large for individuals. If we don't use the account, we need to cancel it in the account background.

Click Close Billing Account to close the account payment information, and then we can complete the binding payment.

 About account binding

To sum up, the Google Cloud Platform activity on the Google Cloud Platform is good, and there is also free experience money, and it is very difficult to apply. If you want to play, you can apply, but you should pay attention to whether the cost exceeds the standard. Of course, if you are a local tyrant who can use it for a long time, you'd better take us with you.

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