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The method for Linode VPS to purchase independent IP

By default, we are buying Linode VPS When there is only one independent IP, we may need to add an independent IP due to some needs. In general, we can build several VPS websites without any problem, but many websites are not friendly on the same IP address to some extent, and the websites have certain relevance. The minimum annual payment for Linode VPS is $19.95. If it is impossible to purchase another VPS for independent IP, we will purchase the IP separately. Independent IP is also very cheap, only $1/month.

First, we log in to the background of the linode VPS account and click the "Dashboard" panel in our space to manage;

Secondly, click "Extras" to expand purchase options;

 The method for Linode VPS to purchase independent IP

Finally, we choose independent monthly or annual IP payment to submit the order.

 Linode VPS's method of purchasing independent IP - Page 2

After submitting, Lao Zuo found that it was difficult to place an order to purchase immediately. Instead, the prompt "Additional IPv4 addresses require technical justification. Please open a Support Ticket describing your requirement." appeared. It seems that the amount of IPv4 is not enough, and we need to contact TK separately to purchase. I'm going to apply now. I don't know whether I can pass.

Conclusion: After the application was submitted, the answers were relatively quick, which is the reason why I submitted the application for an independent IP. It seems that I will not approve the second independent IP unless SSL is used.

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