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Linode goes online in Singapore Data Center - comprehensive evaluation of line, speed and stability

We are interested in Linode Merchants and VPS host products are no strangers. The original Gao Fushai can now be consumed by mass consumers. Linode merchants are well aware that in the Asian market, Linode Japan Data Center has been snapped up as soon as it is available. In order to provide more products with Asian routes, the official has issued a document to launch products in Singapore and the second Japanese Data Center. This morning, Lao Zuo saw that there was much discussion in the group Linode Singapore The data center went online yesterday.

After all, it is newly launched, and the Linode Singapore line has not been fully optimized. Since everyone can't wait to discuss this product, Lao Zuo can do what he can to open a test machine, and then write some routine data evaluation. Maybe in the future, the business will be more perfect after further optimizing the line.

First, the Linode Singapore scheme was launched

If we don't have a Linode account, we can refer to“ Linode VPS – the most stable and cost-effective VPS provider "Register an account. If there is an account, log in directly. After logging in, we add VPS in the background" Add a Linode ".

 Linode Singapore scheme launched

Here, Lao Zuo tested the 1GB scheme (2TB monthly traffic, 24GB SSD 1GB memory, 125 Mbit outlet bandwidth), and selected Singapore data center as the data.

Second, Linode basic configuration and download test

 Linode basic configuration and download test

Third, Linode Singapore PING speed test

Singapore test IP: (officially provided)

The above is the official test IP address of the Singapore computer room. I have opened a machine on my own and tested the speed directly with my own IP address.

 Linode Singapore PING speed test

Here I selected several lines of China Telecom, China Mobile and China Unicom. It seems that the lines of China Mobile and China Unicom have been optimized to about 150. At present, China Telecom is circling the United States, and the speed is not ideal. I hope to continue to optimize and go to Hong Kong.

Fourth, MTR route tracking test

A - Fujian Mobile MTR

 Fujian Mobile MTR

B - Beijing Unicom

 Beijing Unicom MTR

The above is the MTR test of China Mobile and China Unicom. At present, the telecommunication lines are not ideal, waiting for optimization.

Fifth, IO hard disk test of Linode Singapore scheme


Sixth, local download test


To sum up, Linode's Singapore machine room has just been launched, and the optimization of the line is not perfect. Laozuo personally believes that they will not simply cope with a new machine room. If Telecom can also optimize the speed to about 150, it will be perfect. At the same time, I hope their second Japanese machine room can be launched.

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