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GoDaddy host - 100GB hard disk 1 site unlimited traffic Windows/Linux 1 domain name 74 yuan

In the comments on Laozuo's blog, let Laozuo suggest whether to build a personal blog with a virtual host or VPS, and what price of the host product to use. I suggest that if it is really unnecessary or really reaches a certain level of technology, it is better to honestly choose a virtual host to set up a personal blog and website safely and stably.

For the suggestion of virtual host, I seldom recommend which virtual host, because sometimes what is suitable for us may not be suitable for you. We need to consider within the optional range. If we are not satisfied, we can apply for a refund. Most overseas virtual hosts support a certain period of refund. This is quite good, and it is mentioned that Godaddy virtual host products are used more frequently, whether on domestic Chinese websites or foreign trade websites.

Although Godaddy merchants have not had any special offers for domain names in recent years that are suitable for our domestic webmasters, the virtual host, especially the economic program ECONOMY, has paid 12 dollars (about 74 yuan) annually for a long time, and the single site selection is still cost-effective, and a COM/NET/BIZ/INFO optional domain name is also presented, so the virtual host only costs about 20 yuan a year.

Godaddy economic host scheme host activities: GoDaddy Economy host 12 dollars annual payment discount (Alipay payment is supported)

Updated in May 2017: After entering the official website, you need to set up English and US dollar currencies for PAYPAL payment.

First, choose Godaddy host scheme

 Select Godaddy host scheme

We can see that Godaddy virtual host has three plans. The economic plan of Economy is 1 site, unlimited traffic, 100GB hard disk. The price we see here is not important, it is the original price, as long as we don't choose the wrong plan, and ADD TO CART adds shopping cart.

Second, determine Godaddy system and additional products

 Identify Godaddy systems and add-on products

At this point, we can determine the Godaddy virtual host system we need to purchase and whether we need to purchase SSL add-on products. It doesn't matter whether we see the original price or not. The real discounted price will be seen in the shopping cart.

Third, enter the free domain name we need to register

 Enter the free domain name we need to register

Enter the free domain name that we need to register. This free domain name will not be bundled with the host, but can be used alone. The host can also use other domain names to resolve.

Fourth, determine Godaddy price and pay

 Determine Godaddy price and pay

Here, we can see that in the shopping cart, we can pay 12 dollars annually (0.18 is the domain name tax), and we can pay directly. If there is an account, we can log in. If there is no account, we need to register a new account. Alipay payment is supported. By default, we have purchased the US computer room. The speed in other Europe and Singapore is average, so it is not recommended.

In conclusion, through this method, we can get a free domain name or a large hard disk virtual host in Godaddy, which can be used for synchronous backup or website building. If you need to follow other Godaddy discount code information or tutorials, you can See here

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