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Which machine room is better for Linode VPS?

Whether we have used VPS or not, you must have heard of it Linode VPS First, it is expensive. The lowest price is 19.95 dollars per month, and there is no discount; Second, there are many computer rooms, so we have more opportunities to choose; Three to strong stability. Because the price is relatively expensive, ordinary troublemaker webmasters will not choose this machine, and the stability is much stronger than the ordinary VPS with tens of yuan. Some webmasters even use this VPS as a distribution host to sell virtual space.

Linode VPS has London Newark, Atlanta, Dallas, Fremont and Tokyo. From our perspective, it must be good to choose the Tokyo computer room in the Asia Pacific region, and the speed must be faster than the United States and other lines. No, in general, Tokyo's computer room is very fast, but I don't know why, but the actual situation is not fast, even slower than that of the United States. In particular, the PING value at night is even higher than 400.

Laozuo's blog uses Fremont's American computer room. From my experience, it is relatively stable, and there was no downtime during this period. Many webmasters like to ask where to use the computer room when they buy the Linode VPS, which is really hard to say. It can only be said that most people buy Tokyo, and there are many Chinese users, so the speed is really not up. We can only buy our own experience. If we can't, ask the official to change the machine room.

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