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Alibaba Cloud will give a 100% bonus voucher of 58/88/2015 yuan per person at the beginning of 2015

Alibaba Cloud Thanks to the real local tyrants, especially those who have small project tests or try to use VPS servers for a short time, they don't need to spend money to buy them AliCloud server Because we are often given cash vouchers, and then we can take the vouchers to open an ECS for one month. After we test and use it, if we feel that we need to renew or use it for a long time, we can buy it again.

Today, Lao Zuo saw Alibaba Cloud In the event of sending bonus packets at the beginning of 2015, every Alibaba Cloud account that has passed the real name certification can win a lottery of 58/88/2015 yuan, which is 100% of the lottery. Lao Zuo won 58 yuan. Apart from the American machine room, it is no problem for other domestic machine rooms to choose a monthly cloud server. The specific methods for obtaining vouchers are as follows:

Summary of Alibaba Cloud promotional activities updated in 2016:

1. Using kmyyf2 The recommendation code can enjoy a 10% discount on any order, except for the special machine for activities;

2. At present, 30% off for newly registered AliCloud accounts and 50% off for newly registered enterprise accounts;

3. As of January 31, renewal orders enjoy a three-month free activity

AliCloud server Activity page:

Notes: At present, Alibaba Cloud has adjusted the system disk scheme. The original Linux system is upgraded from 20GB to 40GB, and the memory has started from 1GB. It has data center rooms in Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Beijing, Qingdao, Hong Kong, Singapore, the United States, and Shanghai.

 Log in to the Alibaba Cloud New Year Red Packet Reward Event page

After seeing the above interface, we just need to log in to the AliCloud account and click the "Receive Red Packet" button.

 Alibaba Cloud will give a 100% bonus voucher of 58/88/2015 yuan per person at the beginning of 2015

Select any industry and application range, and then enter the verification code to draw a red packet.


Lao Zuo drew a 58 yuan red envelope, and he could buy a free ECS for at least one month. The voucher expired on the fourth day of the month, so after getting it, he should use it quickly and not waste it.

PS: If we are new users of Alibaba Cloud, we suggest that we first get a new person's 20 yuan voucher here( ), and then go to get the lucky draw red packet, so that you can get 20 yuan more to use. (Is it too smart?) And after receiving the coupon, we can refer to“ Successful purchase of a complete AliCloud ECS tutorial and the performance evaluation of the VPS of AliCloud Server "Enable ECS Server"

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