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Online management of VPS host server applications using SSH WebShell tools

Generally, most of our netizens are accustomed to using SSH tools on the PC side (such as XSHELL or PUTTY tools) to manage and maintain VPS host servers. However, in some special cases, such as when you are not in front of a computer, you can only deal with problems in VPS hosts through mobile devices such as mobile phones. The first thing we think of is to install SSH clients in smart phones (recommended: Server Auditor )Tools (there are many now, and it was difficult when there was no smartphone in the early days).

In view of this, Lao Zuo saw a tool that can use HTTP to access and process SSH on the WEB side to apply SSH WebShell based on the need of tossing and turning again. When running SSH WebShell environment management, the basic SSH management commands and monitoring naming can be operated online, provided that our VPS server has such functions installed.

First, configure the SSH WebShell environment

In this article, Lao Zuo installed it in the CENTOS6 32-bit environment. If the users who also like tossing can play, but the practical value is not too great. After all, today's PC and WIFI are relatively developed. Basically, there are computers around to use and smart phones and mobile devices are rich in applications.

yum install openssl python pyOpenSSL

Install pyOpenSSL application extension.

Second, one click installation of SSH WebShell

cd WebShell-0.9.6

Install and generate a certificate.

Third, start the WebShell tool


 Launch WebShell Tools

We can see the interface, port and opening method in the figure above, which need to be opened using the HTTPS protocol.

such as https://IP:8022/

 Online management of VPS host server applications using SSH WebShell tools

In a word, this SSH WebShell tool is not very useful in practice, and it is just a toss up. If you really want to use the mobile phone client or find a computer, you can solve the problem.

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