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Detailed Vultr panel introduction - purchase VPS, reset ROOT password, reinstall system, upgrade scheme, etc

Because of the instability of the U.S. lines, many users have begun to turn to VPS service providers with Asian computer rooms, especially Linode and Vultr. Recently, the number of users has increased dramatically. What is discussed in the group is that after Linode opened the Japanese computer room scheme, the IP is basically stuck and cannot be used, even if N IPs are replaced continuously, The main reason is that a large number of local tycoons have used Japanese IP application projects, which has led to the erasure of domestic card lines. If you need to buy VPS of Linode Japanese computer room now, you can see your luck, but we can try to find a good IP until it is worthwhile.

If your website traffic or project is not too large, the traffic consumption can be within the basic range of 200GB, The Vultr VPS host scheme is still optional. It also has lines from Tokyo computer room, Japan“ Comprehensive evaluation of performance and speed of Vultr VPS Japan data center "The article has conducted a comprehensive evaluation on Japanese lines, and Vultr's cost performance ratio is relatively good. All SSDs and 768MB of memory will pay $5 per month.

The newly registered users will also give a $5 balance to their accounts. However, the traffic of the Tokyo computer room in Japan is a little less than that of other overseas computer rooms. The traffic of the Japanese computer room is 200GB per month, while that of other computer rooms is 1000GB. However, the basic needs for building a website are also sufficient. Because there are many users who use the VULTR product recently, and there are many people who ask Laozuo's questions through Laozuo's blog, I can't answer them one by one and repeatedly. The tutorial on the use of the VULTR panel is organized into this article, and most of the questions mentioned are sorted out for new users to consult.

First, Vultr VPS scheme required for opening the project

First, we need to ensure that we have a Vultr account with an account balance. If not, we need to register an account.

Vultr official website registration account:

At present, the official policy for new users is to give $5 to the registered account, and use the SSDVPS preferential code to give $20 for 30 days to the account balance. It should be reminded that if we still need to register an existing account (this is not about sending money), each account can only use one payment method. It is recommended not to use multiple accounts with one payment method, which may lead to the risk of account sealing.

 Opening VPS of the vultr panel

The Deploy menu option in the background is to open VPS. We can open VPS by selecting the machine room, system, and memory scheme. There are 14 data centers. If the Chinese site is available, it is recommended to choose Tokyo or Los Angeles computer room in Japan for better speed.

Second, manage the opened Vultr VPS host

 Manage the opened Vultr VPS host

Here we can see Lao Zuo's current VPS machine. If detailed management is required, click the Manage link below.

 Use of various parameters of the vultr panel

The current VPS host scheme of VULTR is managed in this way. Generally, we need to restart the VPS, reinstall the system, reset the ROOT password, or upgrade the scheme. The old left has been marked in the above figure, which is basically commonly used.

From the panel, we can see that the current ROOT password cannot be reset. If we need to set a new ROOT password, we can go to SSH and use the passwd command to reset it.

Third Vultr VPS hosts purchase multiple independent IPs

The default VULTR VPS scheme has only one IPV4 independent IP address. If we need more than one, we can purchase them separately. This is slightly better than LINE, LINODE does not add independent IP.

 Vultr VPS hosts purchase multiple independent IPs

According to the above figure, we can click the button to add IPV4. The billing method is 2 dollars per month, or 0.03 dollars per hour. The newly opened IP must be deleted at least 60 minutes later, that is, it must be used for one hour. Each VPS can only have two independent IPs at most, so we can only purchase one more. Personally, I think it's OK. For example, a VPS 768MB, several websites, two independent IPs, and only 5+2 dollars a month are very cost-effective.

In short, Vultr merchants personally believe that it is reliable. If there are users who need to establish a website in a down-to-earth way, it is very good and cost-effective. At least don't worry about risks such as running away, but the premise is that we need to abide by the rules of use. VULTR uses the hourly billing method. If we are not satisfied with the opened IP address or do not want to use the project for a period of time, we suggest Destroy delete the current VPS, so that no billing will be made and the account balance can be used next time.

Generally, the VPS merchant's panel is such a simple application. The main operation is still in SSH. If there is a need for other tutorials, you can leave a message to Lao Zuo, and I will add the problems that cannot be found.

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