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Share two XSHELL color schemes and how to import them

Among many SSH tools, Lao Zuo still prefers XSHELL. He may be a little boring when he is used to the default black background and white font colors every day“ Method of setting personalized background image in Xshell "It has also been introduced to directly customize the background image, which can be your own website watermark or directly place your favorite star image. If you don't like the image background, you can modify and customize the color scheme. Here, Lao Zuo finds two color schemes that he thinks are OK.

First, isayme.xcs

 [isayme] text(bold)=eaeaea magenta(bold)=ff00ff text=ffffff white(bold)=eaeaea green=00c000 red(bold)=d20000 green(bold)=00ff00 black(bold)=808080 red=c00000 blue=113fcc black=000000 blue(bold)=0080ff yellow(bold)=ffff00 cyan(bold)=00ffff yellow=c0c000 magenta=c000c0 background=222222 white=c0c0c0 cyan=00c0c0 [Names] count=1 name0=isayme

Second, ubuntu.xcs

 [ubuntu] text(bold)=ffffff magenta(bold)=ad7fa8 text=ffffff white(bold)=eeeeec green=4e9a06 red(bold)=ef2929 green(bold)=8ae234 black(bold)=555753 red=cc0000 blue=3465a4 black=000000 blue(bold)=729fcf yellow(bold)=fce94f cyan(bold)=34e2e2 yellow=c4a000 magenta=75507b background=300a24 white=d3d7cf cyan=06989a [Names] count=1 name0=ubuntu

We just need to copy and save it as the corresponding xcs file name.

XSHELL COLORWAY Scheme import method

A - Tools - Color scheme


B - Import xshell color scheme color scheme


If we have time, we can also collect and customize several color schemes and use them differently every day.

Conclusion: XSHELL is one of my favorite SSH tools. If you have other special tools, you can recommend sharing them.

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