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Application and Application Introduction of Global Payment MasterCard GlobalCash Virtual Credit Card

These days, on Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday and tomorrow's Cyber Monday, our webmaster may pay less attention to the promotion activities of overseas physical stores and daily necessities, but we will certainly see various enviable promotional activities of overseas IDC merchants. It involves virtual host, VPS, domain name and other products, but some users will certainly want to buy but do not have payment tools. For example, PAYPAL may be easier to register, but it needs UnionPay or credit card verification and activation. For example, some products have a limit on the number of products. If you need to register and apply for more than one, Different accounts need to be registered and different non repetitive payment tools are needed.

Some users may have several credit cards, but not all of them have. We can search for available Virtual credit card For example, we used to use Tenpay American Express card, but now we have stopped applying. Ali is ready to go online Virtual credit card So far, there is no public beta, and many users are using Global payment Mastercard GlobalCash Virtual credit cards can be used by most businesses to purchase domain names, virtual hosts and VPS. (It can also be used to purchase LINODE before, but it seems to be limited at present)

In this article, Lao Zuo shares the application and verification process of GlobalCash virtual credit card.

First, log on to the official website of GlobalCash

Official website application address: www.

 Home page of GlobalCash official website

Home page of GlobalCash official website

After GlobalCash logs in, it has a simplified Chinese interface, which is more comfortable to see. You can see the text link of "free access" in the upper right corner and prepare to apply for a new account.

Second, apply for a free GlobalCash account

A - Fill in the cardholder's name

 GlobalCash Cardholder Name

Fill in the cardholder's name and consent terms

The real name is used here, because the account needs to be verified later to recharge and withdraw.

B - Account password and mobile phone verification information


GlobalCash account password setting and mobile phone verification

Enter a 6 digit password and activate the verification with a mobile phone. Then we need to recharge 100 yuan, which can be used for consumption or withdrawal.


GlobalCash recharge 100 yuan verification account

After recharging, we can get the card and consume it in the account, which is convenient for withdrawal and recharging of the account. We also need to upload the ID card and hold the ID card for real name verification.


You can see the account information in the account background, which can be used for online consumption.

What precautions does GlobalCash have?

First, this MasterCard virtual card can be used for online consumption, such as overseas online shopping, such as foreign virtual hosts, domain names, VPS, etc.

Second, it is recommended to use real name verification, so there is no limit.

Third, we suggest that you use the card reasonably, because your abuse may lead to the closure of the card number segment by the merchant, which is still conscious.

In short, GlobalCash can also be used for us to register PAYPAL as a credit card verification account. At least it is a card that is relatively easy for our users to register and use. Registration is relatively easy.

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