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Evaluation: Comprehensive evaluation of SugarHosts VPS host performance (SSD VPS)

about SugarHosts Laozuo, the sharing host, also had a special article review when he started blogging( Sugar Hosts: fast overseas hosts )。 As the webmaster needs to build a website, the slightly older webmasters also think that the virtual host can no longer meet their needs, and they begin to seek more powerful host support, such as VPS and independent servers. The latter webmasters have limited affordability, so most of them choose to use VPS hosts. At the end of August, Lao Zuo saw SugarHosts release the scheduled VPS activity, and I also scheduled a test to see how the parameters cost performance.

The goods were delivered on time last night. Lao Zuo chose the monthly payment SSD VPS VSSD 512 scheme. The specific parameters are as follows:

CPU 1 core 512M memory XEN virtualization technology
Hard disk 15GB SSD monthly traffic 200GB
1 Independent IP selects Los Angeles data center
After 70% off of the scheduled price, 95.52 yuan will be paid through Alipay

Although Lao Zuo has been in touch with VPS for several months, the real VPS has not been officially operated, so I will also refer to some big guys' VPS evaluation The blog needs to use some evaluation data indicators, as well as my own reference to some evaluation software miscellaneous records.

First, the SOLUSVM panel, the system can be installed freely, such as the centos or debian system environment. I choose centos, and then install the lnmp architecture preferred by domestic users. Installing lnmp using ssh takes 10 minutes. According to the official disclosure, the template for installing lnmp will be launched in the next few days. Users can choose to install lnmp by themselves instead of installing it ourselves. The official will install it for us for free. At the same time, it is mentioned that when purchasing VPS in September, the DirectAdmin control panel will also be sent. For friends who need the panel or use it as a reseller host, it is more valuable.

Secondly, the Los Angeles data center is equipped with centos+lnmp 0.9

 Los Angeles Data Center

Third, WinMTR performs tracking and PING node test:

 WinMTR tool evaluation sugarhost vps

Third, station master tool PING test data

 Station master tool PING test data

Fourth, use the professional UnixBench tool to test. I will talk about the specific benefits of this test software later. I also heard from my friends that this software is the best test for VPS performance. I will use it first and study it later.

 Sugarhosts VPS UnixBench tool for testing

Fifth, the dd command tests the disk write performance

 Sugarhost VPS dd disk write performance

Sixth, wget download speed test, with an average of 23.5M/s

 Sugarhost vps wget download speed test

To sum up, the Sugarhosts VPSSSD VPS 512M scheme was tested with the above six tools/parameters, and the overall score was very good, because I have used other VPS, but I have not done such a systematic scoring test. In the future, I will also use the above six parameters/tools to evaluate VPS, which is easy to compare. Of course, VPS experts should know the above data, so Lao Zuo still needs to learn.

Official website of Sugar Hosts:

If you're right SugarHosts VPS If you are interested, you can go to the official website LOOK LOOK.


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