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Black Friday, 2014 - Certified Hosting Infinite Virtual Host: $16 per year and 1 domain name free

Although the main information and tutorials in Laozuo's blog are mainly about VPS, in fact, many overseas VPS service providers provide preferential activities for Black Friday activities in recent days, but I rarely publish them. Because most businesses I have not used dare not add recommendations, so as not to bring unnecessary trouble to everyone. But for the virtual host products, after all, they mainly used virtual hosts in the early days, and they have a certain understanding of merchant products. Today, Laozuo also recommends an old brand overseas virtual hosting company Certified Hosting

Certified Hosting There are also many introductions in the previous blog posts. Every major festival has a great degree of promotion activities, and this year's Black Friday is no exception. A strong 1.5 discount promotion was launched, including virtual host, distribution host, server and other products. Here, Lao Zuo introduces the virtual host. He recommends buying a GEEK scheme virtual host with unlimited number of sites and hard disk size. For example, it is suitable for us to build a site and backup VPS data. Because some VPS script information of Lao Zuo exists on Certified Hosting, and will be purchased when there is a promotion, and then replaced.

Certified Hosting official website address: (The annual payment of GEEK scheme is 16 dollars)

For this promotion, if we have a new payment method, we can enjoy it. Because this activity is aimed at newly registered accounts, and can only be used if the payment method that has not been consumed in the CH merchant before is used. The following is Lao Zuo's simple sharing process for purchasing certified hosting virtual host GEEK scheme.

Step 1: Log in to the official website of Certified Hosting

Certified Hosting official website address:

After logging in to the official website above, I saw a more prominent Black Friday virtual host activity in the first picture of the focus map slide on the top of the home page.


We can see the main theme page products of this activity. We can select the virtual host activity from the following interface.


We can see the activity of the virtual host, and then click the SIGN UP NOW button to continue.

Second, choose the registered domain name and adjustment scheme

A - Select a newly registered domain name


We can choose a newly registered domain name or an existing domain name. Because of the complimentary domain name, I will definitely choose the complimentary domain name.

B - Adjust host scheme


Laozuo here suggests choosing GEEK scheme. The unlimited scheme can be used for many purposes. Then check that the following additional services are not selected.

C - Enter the discount code to activate


At the bottom right of this page, we can see the text box for entering the discount code, enter the promotion code BF2014 of Certified Hosting on this Black Friday, and click the VALiatED button to activate it. At the same time, we enter personal registration information in this interface, which is more critical.

Personally, I suggest that we use the same payment method. For example, if I use PAYPAL here, my personal information should be the same as PAYPAL, and my email address, name, address, etc. should be the same, so we may not need to scan the certificate to verify the account.

Third, check the bill information


At the top of this page, we can see that the activated discount code has come into effect, and the price has changed from the original $107 to $16.11. Very good, isn't it.

Finally, pay the order


If everything is OK, we will pull it to the bottom of the page, and SUBMIT ORDER will pay. Generally, it will be activated immediately. If there is a gap according to the system information, the information may be verified. But it is also very simple to submit information. If I follow the above tips, I will not verify the information as I do.

Certified Hosting official website address: (Discount code: BF2014

Domain name host preferential information push QQ group: six hundred and twenty-seven million seven hundred and seventy-five thousand four hundred and seventy-seven Get preferential promotion from merchants.
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