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DNSPOD 5th Anniversary Activity - Lucky Draw Skills for Cheap Domain Names and Physical Awards

Lao Zuo, the so-called biggest online marketing activity every year, did not rush to buy with the wave. First, he had nothing to buy, and second, he had to spend money on what he needed to buy. I saw it yesterday DNSPOD 5th Anniversary The activity has been released since the 12th, but I didn't see how to operate the activity in the morning. In the evening, it was a pleasure to see everyone drawing prizes in other groups, so Lao Zuo also took some time to share activities related to our webmaster.

So far, DNSPOD has gone through five years. Although I have not become a paying user of DNSPOD, the domain name resolution service is still very good compared with similar services“ Share 8 domestic and foreign free DNS service providers "We also mentioned their advantages. At present, they are under Tencent, which should be more powerful from the perspective of strength. From the perspective of trend, DNSPOD should launch a relationship similar to that between Alibaba Cloud and Wannet. For example, Tencent Cloud is mainly engaged in cloud host services, DNSPOD will launch domain name registration and resolution services, and there may be corresponding integration of virtual host products in the future.

 DNSPOD 5th Anniversary Activity - Lucky Draw Skills for Cheap Domain Names and Physical Awards

From November 12 to November 21, 2014, our users can participate in the DNSPOD Five Year Anniversary Event, and they can draw vouchers, mice, keyboards, A-D dolls and other physical rewards. Of course, if there are enterprises and individuals who need paid resolution services, they can also buy paid resolution services at a discount.

Address of this event:

Interpretation of DNSPOD's fifth anniversary activities:

First, we need to have a DNSPOD account. There is no limit on how many accounts each person has. We can use it as long as we have enough email accounts and registered and activated accounts

Second, each account can only draw a lottery once a day

Third, in fact, I prefer the reward in kind. For domain names, you can get 10 yuan domain name coupons for each account

Fourth, for users who purchase a domain name, it is more cost-effective to purchase a domain name from one account, unless you can draw a bonus of more than 10 yuan

In a word, the activity focuses on participation. After finishing this article, Lao Zuo will go to see if he can get the mouse or keyboard.


Luckily, I registered a new account and directly drew a 20 yuan voucher. It seems that I can register a CC domain name for free.

Domain name host preferential information push QQ group: six hundred and twenty-seven million seven hundred and seventy-five thousand four hundred and seventy-seven Get preferential promotion from merchants.
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