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Linode VPS account transfer method Change the ownership of Linode sub account

Originally, to help users, it seems that you can make a little money to help netizens purchase Linode VPS services. With the increase of the number of users and the emergence of various user needs, I feel that the service is troublesome. Some users use the traffic wantonly or even exceed the amount of traffic occupying the public master account( Explanation of Linode VPS host traffic limit and exceeded traffic )Some websites set up by users who violate TOS will not take the initiative to deal with the problems that the official needs me to solve, and even users ask me to communicate with the official, and more users do not renew their fees in time, and I find me after I delete my account, and then complain about my inferior behavior everywhere.

In view of various considerations, Lao Zuo decided not to purchase Linode on behalf of others. For some users who behave well, they can continue to use and purchase services on behalf of others. For users who handle these existing accounts, I usually notify the transfer out account. If I can find other master accounts with receiving accounts, I can submit TK for official transfer to the opposite account. Therefore, in this article, we will share how to transfer Linode VPS in account A to account B through transfer, and how to set the ownership of sub accounts.

First, the transferor puts forward TK requirements

If the VPS of this scheme is in our A account, the A account initiates the SUPPORT in the background, and requires the VPS (host name) to be transferred to the other party's B account (we need to ask for the other party's total account user name). For example, I wrote this:

Please Help me Transfer The VPS To B Account

Second, the official reply requires account B to send TK to receive

After a while, our A account will receive such a TK reply.

We would be happy to do so, can you open a ticket on the receiving account and reference this ticket id, which authorizes the transfer of this Linde

After receiving such a reply, we asked account B to initiate another TK and mentioned that VPS agreed to receive account A TK. (Write it here by yourself)

Third, wait for the transfer to succeed

After confirmation, the official will directly transfer our designated VPS scheme to account B. Account B can see that the deduction and management from this time on are all in account B.

Fourth, sub account authorization

The original sub account management of account A can't see this host in account B, so we need account B according to“ Open the Linode sub account and authorize VPS permissions "Method Authorization to open sub accounts.

In this way, Lao Zuo will fully share how to transfer the VPS in his account to another account. It's quite humanistic.

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